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Ooh Rah in Tooling!

Ooh Rah in Tooling!

We are pleased to announce that the Ooh Rah are heading into tooling now. Matthew is busy painting the 3D prints and the artwork for the box is in process so they are not too far off. 

Below is an image of the frame layout (please note the parts may not be in perfect scale to one another in this image as it's designed to check which parts are there more than anything). Our Alien Bugs Name TBD will follow quickly behind these guys and Landsknecht Ogres will be around the same time (more on those next week) 


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Torur Arason - September 14, 2022

í think in all my humility that both the main weapons and heavy weaponns are to large.

they are also to large in Canon fodder and Astra militarum

De Carolis Alessio - September 10, 2022

They seems very beautiful and well done, pity for these rolled sleeve’s arms, nothing that you can’t resolve with a few GS, I think that a Support weapons’ sprue and a females box will be well accept in future, as for Cannon Fodder’s ones.

Tom - September 5, 2022

They are looking very good but I sure wish you did not have that kneeling soldier there.
It ruins having more boxes as you will have a lot of soldiers kneeling in the same way.
A kneeling figure is a waste imo.

Johnny Boy - September 5, 2022

The closed helmets are really nice. Gonna grab a box and some number decals and paint them up like a sci-fi private security force a la Deus Ex

Stilton Disco - September 5, 2022

I agree with Marco Antonio about Samurai being awesome to see, or any more pre firearms force actually, get the Death Fields treatment.

Mongols, Zulus, Romans and Egyptians are all some of my favourite historical hard nuts, and I’d love to see them all get a team to represent them at some point.

Ellie_Valkyrie - September 5, 2022

Oooh, I would love to see some female Ooh Rah down the road!

William M. - September 5, 2022

Damn good look, hits that future soldier button pretty good. Sadly it seems that ODST inspired enclosed helmets weren’t on the docket but the helmets you’ve got on the sprue provide a good grip of options. Steady on!

On a side note, as always I request more Irregulars. Love me some Irregulars.

Marco Antonio - September 2, 2022

Lovely all around, I just wish you guys would finally release some Samurai miniatures!

Don Mac Intyre - September 2, 2022

Oh Yes! Must have a box. . .or three!

kevin allen - September 2, 2022

Nice to have so many weapons, arms and heads but: I would probably forgo a mini-gun for more equipment packs (#7) as the troops can be identically armed but not equipped. Really need 1 equipment pack per torso, & what is past #41?

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