Ooh Rah on Pre-Order!

Ooh Rah on Pre-Order!

Over the last few days we've seen a great deal of excitement out there with folks seeing images of the Ooh Rah. Now we can reveal the full box and open it up for pre-orders. We are expecting a November release worldwide but expect the US will have them a lot earlier than that.

As always, we have multi-buy deals for 3, 5, and 10 boxes if you're looking to build up an army. Click the box below to go to the product page, see them all, and place your order!

Next Up: Alien Bugs with a taste for Ooh Rah! Stay tuned next week!

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Alex - September 23, 2022

They look nifty, and that vehicle in the background is pretty cool too! Is that a future release?

Doshu Tokeshi - September 22, 2022

These look great! I just wish they had covers though. Baseball caps will have to be converted to covers

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