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Ooh Rah Paint Test

Ooh Rah Paint Test

Matthew Leahy has delivered the first shot of a painted Ooh Rah figure. This set is currently in tooling and Matthew is painting the 3D prints for the box cover. Here's the paint test on the first guy. These should be up for pre-order in the not too distant future as tooling gets to a T1. 


The Ooh Rah are a new faction for our Death Fields range representing American troops that were abducted more recently in the timeline. 

The Ooh Rah are a relatively new team to the Death Fields Circuit having only been established a little over a century ago. Comprised of members of the 33rd Marine Expeditionary Unit, the team was abducted during a colonial uprising on New Florida. An upcoming star on the circuit, the Ooh Rah bring the highly-trained and multi-disciplinary approach honed into them as America's force-in-readiness across her expanding interstellar empire (still thousands of light years from true galactic civilization) They are a team to watch.

Their buggy adversaries will be along shortly as well as they are also in tooling.

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Vidal - September 16, 2022

LOL @ 33 MEU :D I love it.

NarsilsBane - September 16, 2022

I’m very curious. It seems like that marine is holding a bullpup rifle, I really want to see his the rest of the gun arms in the range end up posing.

Wizardhat - September 15, 2022

Forget about Freeman! We are cutting our losses and pulling out. Anyone left down there now is on his own. Repeat, if you weren’t already, you are now.

De Carolis Alessio - September 15, 2022

This sculps seems interesting, it has a similarity to Halo’s infantry, minus the armoured greaves, a transparent visor could always be build with some plastic tube such as those that are with brushes. The kneeling figure can be used for an heavy weapons’ team, f.e. with Stargrave’s missile launchers.

Avery Johnson - September 14, 2022

Men, we led those dumb bugs out to the middle of nowhere to keep ‘em from gettin’ their filthy claws on Earth. But, we stumbled onto somethin’ they’re so hot for, that they’re scramblin’ over each other to get it. Well, I don’t care if it’s God’s own anti-son-of-a-bitch machine, or a giant hula hoop, we’re not gonna let ’em have it! What we will let ’em have is a belly full of lead, and a pool of their own blood to drown in!

Am I right, Marines?
Ryudake - September 13, 2022


Model Hunter - September 13, 2022

Looking good, but let’s see some more assemblies.

Felix Rivera - September 13, 2022

Alright Marines lets hold this post! Sierra 117 is inbound! Clear the LZ!

Wayne Bollands - September 12, 2022

Want to know more? Service guarantees citizenship!

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