Our Holiday Contest!

Our Holiday Contest!

 Here Comes Santa! (Or At Least Some of His Elves Here at Wargames Atlantic!)

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Erik Rockne - December 4, 2020

Your range is fantastic! I can hardly wait to get my hands on the halflings, spiders, and lizard men (when available).

Bryan - December 4, 2020


BDub - December 4, 2020

Thanks! Happy Holidays!

Silvio Rinaldi - December 4, 2020

Hi there! You are producing top quality plastic miniatures so… Don’t give up please!!!!
IMHO one of your winning ideas has been to focus on the “gaps” existing in miniature ranges already on the market, so I think You should continue to do so.
As an example (and explanation of my choice answering Your form), talking about the napoleonic era : ok the spanish and next should be Baden, Wurttemberg, ecc. all nations otherwise neglected in plastic 28mm. This is also true for Italian war of independence, rich of different nations/uniforms. Stay safe. Silvio

Ian Woods - December 4, 2020

I love what you are doing and the interaction with your customers/fans is excellent.
Great things are no doubt in your future and I have much anticipation for a Death Fields game.

Jon Engstrom - December 4, 2020

Really need some winged hussars

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