Our Holiday Contest!

Our Holiday Contest!

 Here Comes Santa! (Or At Least Some of His Elves Here at Wargames Atlantic!)

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Falk - December 4, 2020

I would love it so much to ever see WW2 Iranians and Thai as 28mm miniatures. But of course I don’t expect anybody to make them in plastic!

As a more serious suggestion, a SciFi set of Grey Aliens would have a lot of uses. You could throw a small flying saucer and some abductees in their, two :)

Sebastian - December 4, 2020

Dragons in plastic supported by WW2 Chinese :P.

Jules - December 4, 2020

Good luck to the future. Can’t wait to see your classical ranges expand.

Jay - December 4, 2020

Sci-fi set:
Multipurpose set of 1800’s – early 1900’s inspired sci-fi troops in unadorned single-breasted jacket w/ prussian-style standing collar (covers all european armies 1800-1930’s), alternate button-down banded-collar shirt w/suspenders torsos, dress pants and boots legs, alternate highlander regt. kilt legs, and a variety of heads:
1) dress/peaked cap
2) slouch hat
3) campaign cover (RCMP Mountie/USMC drill instructor style)
4) Stetson cavalry hat
5) “Iron Brigade” style Hardee hat (w/ one side turned up slouch hat style)
6) British Stovepipe Shako
7) Zulu War/Boer War-style “Foreign Service” Pith helmet/Horse Guard helmets
8) British Tommy/ WW1 USEF-style Brodie Helmet

Armed with FAL-style sci-fi/laser rifles, alternate “classic RT lasgun”-style carbines, Minimi/M249-style Sci-fi/laser SAW’s, MG-34-style (SW stormtrooper DLT-19) light sci-fi support lasers/MG’s, and sci-fi “deflagration” guns.

Depending on paint scheme and hats can be any bright formally-dressed troops, drab late 1800’s/early 1900’s (sage green, khaki tan, feldgrau, earth brown), 1812 north american/british, zulu war, boer war, spanish-american war (Union blue and/or Roughrider tan) , ACW (union or CSA), or Boer-style kommando irregulars.

Also makes 40k IG not-Mordians and not-Praetorians, and 30k/Heresy Solar Auxilia/Prosperine Spireguard, Imperial Militia, and Traitor Hordes (MG-34/DLT-19 “counts as” rotor cannon for last two).

Joe Jarvie - December 4, 2020

How about some Scottish but wearing trees instead of kilts.

Chris E. - December 4, 2020

Early WW1 western front.

Spoopumz - December 4, 2020

Any fantasy (or sci-fi) robed “cultist” types would be great. Usable in DnD, Frostgrave, 40k, Mordheim, depending on weapon loadouts- possibly a sprue mix like with the spiders?

James - December 4, 2020

You’ve already got resistance in the works British Airborne figure’s would make an excellent addition especially if they could be used as SAS (French, Belgian, British or Polish) Jedburgh teams or conventional airborne for Husky, Normandy, Arnhem

Robert Coleman - December 4, 2020

Still hoping for plastic Trojan War models: Chariots, Pike/Spear, Bow, Sling, Heroes, etc.

There are very few options in this area, and they are expensive (Foundry) or not very good (Old Glory). Certainly nothing in plastic to enable customization.

James Stone - December 4, 2020

Love what you produce. Keep up the great work and your customer service is on Point!

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