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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Our New Forum: Wargames Atlantic Legion

Our New Forum: Wargames Atlantic Legion

Over the last two years we've built a group on Facebook - the Wargames Atlantic Legion - that is now at over 5000 members and is a busy and active channel.

Now that we've been around for a bit (almost 2 1/2 years!) we wanted to bring this sense of community and interaction to our own site. We've done something a bit old school (but we know there's no school like the old school!) and launched a forum

The reason we chose a forum over newer things like Discord and the various social media apps is that a forum allows for deeper discussions and can be a repository for great content for years to come instead of a brief mention or trending topic that then gets lost in the deluge of the next thing. 

You'll be able to search content and see other people's painted figures, discuss sets and ranges, give and get advice on painting and modeling, and whatever else the community comes up with! Eventually we'll have discussion on our rules and games.

The other nice thing is that the forum is fully integrated with our existing customer database. So if you're already a customer you can login and have a forum membership automatically (you can change your name in the forum and it won't effect your customer details for orders too)

So we welcome all of you to join, read, and post and we'll be doing a lot of sneak peeks, polls, contests, and more to make it a fun and interesting little corner of the web! Click here to check it out!

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Guy Blackwell - December 18, 2021

New here. Um Im just putting together some of the WA goblins and I have a question. What is the round shield with the hole on the middle for? It doesnt seem to be illustrated anywhere and doesnt seem to fit onto a lug in games workshop fashion. Any ideas?

Ronald Delval - December 18, 2021

Looking forward to seeing more Death Fields and Late Roman / Dark Ages kits! :)

Brendan Flynn - December 18, 2021

Great idea now we can get our collective ya ya’s out.

Any else for catfolk in the Deathfield section, or perhaps fantasy with a future world option.

No just me huh?

Kevin Scrivner - December 17, 2021

Re: Teaser e-mail, beware the Holsteins of Doom!

Forget not The Man-Eating Cow from The Tick.

David Phillips - December 17, 2021

I’d perfer a discord, but this is great

Philip Waldron - December 17, 2021

Is there any news on Napoleonic girls?

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