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Our Ranges Poll: Win Prizes!

Our Ranges Poll: Win Prizes!

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Paul Mitting - May 11, 2022

Have to agree with TAPM113 about a set of universal Robots with interchangeable bodies and limbs. If the torso and legs were also separate it would open up conversion possibilities to make Cyborgs too!

Axel - May 9, 2022

bonhommes_ ++
Also Azabs and other generic balkan and ottoman forces of the 15th (Vlad) to 17th (Vienna 2) century.

Also European infantry (French, Italian) of the 16th century, to stand beside the Spaniards and other companies Landsknechts.

Will - May 4, 2022

You folks do fine work. Your miniatures fill a lot of niches that other manufacturers don’t put out, and it’s always cool to see what you’re working on next! I hope you continue to do well and I’ll definitely be doing my best to support and order from you in the future!

Pierre - May 3, 2022

I don’t know what the “white American collective imagination” retains of native and aboriginal peoples… Not much, it seems. but in Europe, we generally are fascinated by the First Peoples !

I think there would be great developments to be made through “tribal/ethnic” lines, not ?

Afghans, Zulus, Somalis, generic warriors and Aztecs are done : by Perry, Victrix, Frostgrave and WGA… Good lines. What else ?

Warriors from the cold, like Inuits and Samis ; northern American warriors from the forests (Hurons, Iroquois, Crees), from the “prairie” (Lakotas, Cheyennes, Pawnees), from the “sierras” (Apaches, Navajos, Utes), warriors from the Pacific area (Tlingits) and from Dixieland (Seminoles, Cherokees) ; warriors from Central and South-America (Mayans, Incas, Caribes, Amazonians and Mapuches) ; African other warriors (Masais, Tuaregs ?) ; warriors from the Far East (Siberians, Thais, Taiwanese aboriginals) ; Polynesian ones (like Maoris), and so on…

… with the possibility, for some of them, to be worked on by bringing a Sci-Fi touch !

Caratacus - May 3, 2022

Easily my favourite ranges so far are the Decline and Fall and Blood Oaths ranges! They have so much potential for bringing to life Dark Age peoples that have thus far been neglected in plastic – Picts, Welsh/Romano British, Norse-Gaels, Sassanid Persians, Huns, Vandals, Burgundii… the possibilities are endless!

Also the First Empires range has a lot of potential, I’m looking forward to seeing those Bronze Age Egyptians and it would be great to see some Assyrians, Hittites, Sea Peoples, Nubians, Bronze Age Northern Europeans, even Mycenean-Era Greeks and Trojans.

Mark Dewis - May 2, 2022

Ditto Robots. Mix and match chest, arms, heads and various means of locomotion (Legs, treads, floating).

TAPM113 - May 2, 2022

I would give an arm for Robots – there simply is no good “generic robot” plastic frame available anywhere. If they go away from the Terminator mimicry and go for more “Hard Sci-Fi” killer drones, they would fit “Death Fields” as a glove.

Skynet, bipedal Terminators are good, but including some quadrupedal gun turrets and weirder forms would be great. A careful choice of heads would allow them to span the “Raygun gothic”, “SteamPunk”, “Fallout Weird 50´s” and “Near-Future Sci-fi drone” roles that are unoccupied nowadays.

Robots are an absolute must as a possibility to be explored in RPGs and war-games. I would buy at least 2-3 boxes, and I think they would sell as hotcakes – the niche simply hasn’t got any offer, nor competition.

bonhommes_ - May 1, 2022

Would buy an army’s worth of 16th century Janissaries/Ottomans in an instant!

Brendan Flynn - May 1, 2022

I would love to see more Meso American miniatures, Tarascan, Tlaxcallan, Tupi, Mayan, Incan, and the list goes on. This area is so colourfull and really lends itself to tribal warfare between all the factions mentioned.

Theirs a great skirmish game of competing warbands to he made here….hint, hint.

Mark Dewis - May 1, 2022

I’d also nominate general bods. Although almost as good would be a non-combatant update sprue with useful equipment and a variety of arms not holding anything, in a variety of sleeve styles. Or just hands and/or bare arms (hand swaps are a pretty easy job for 28mm plastics).
Probably focus the equipment on 19th/20th C use as that covers most of the range that might use it, while also being useful for general Science Fiction use like Stargrave or RPGs.
And for a long shot… Superheroes :)

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