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Our Ranges Poll: Win Prizes!

Our Ranges Poll: Win Prizes!

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Alexey - April 30, 2022

I am looking forward for the set of Russians for my WWI project !!! Hopefully there will be no delays !

John - April 29, 2022

Currently looking for warring sates period Japanese 28mm. Specifically monks. Specifically fir Clash of Katanas.

Mike Allen - April 29, 2022

I’d like to see some of the ranges (Napoleonic Spanish) first shown around 1-2 years ago actually to into production. I assume these are not as popular as the various fantasy or sci fi ranges but it would be great to see this range expand. 18th/19th century Ottomans would be nice as well :).

MrZakalwe - April 29, 2022

Not a range you do but I dream of a deathfields 6mm sprue. A box of 5 of a single half sized sprue would do half an army of 6mm sci fi infantry.

Plenty of metal and resin ones these days but no plastic for a long time.

Red Bee - April 29, 2022

Death Fields has so much potential. The Einhenjar and Grognards have been some of my favorite miniatures to paint. I am pretty excited to see what will become of the line.

Jim - April 29, 2022

Might sound weird, but the sprues themselves are great. They stack nicely so I’m fashioning some terrain out of them

Michael Stockdale - April 29, 2022

Definitely fantasy for me!
Can’t wait to see those ogres. I’d like to see more skeletons (cav and chariots) as well.

Lewis Park - April 29, 2022

May I suggest the Rumanian Army for WWII in winter clothing long coats and such. The Rumanians were the third largest contributor of manpower to the axis cause before they switched sides. You have done an amazing Italian set to be honest. Also Napoleonic Hungarians might prove an interesting set but along the lines of the Prussian reservist box you did – damned useful set that was for me I can tell you. Keep it up!!

Marc Bridgham - April 29, 2022

The brilliance of your design choices which allows for an infinite mix and the possibility of unique world-building and battles arising from the combination of body parts and accoutrements is unparalleled.

Don Mac Intyre - April 29, 2022

World Ablaze. . . WWII I take it? Yes PLEASE! Americans, British, Germans, Poles, early war, mid war, late war. Do it all!

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