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Painting Contest Results!

Painting Contest Results!

We were thrilled to have so many entries in our January painting contest! So many that it took us awhile to pick some winners! We had a lot of fun doing this and we hope you did too! We are going to have another one to take part in soon!

Without further ado - the Winners! 


These two stuck out to us as great display pieces. We may have to make this a category in a future contest!

Honorable Mention #1

Name: Georg Dierkes

Title: Wanderer

Description: I painted a Afghan warrior hiking a hidden smuggler trial to avoid British patrols.

I convert the mini by bending the right arm, so the rifle lay on his shoulder. The rocks are made of wood.


Honorable Mention #2


Forum name: Kool Ghoul 

Model name: Übertrieben!

Description: As shells explode around your trench, the men of your company get ready. The time has come to take the enemy's position. The whistle blows as your Hauptmann commands you over the top to charge. Terrified, you're frozen in place, watching as your company climb the ladders and and sprint headlong into the almost certain death that is no man's land. "Übertrieben! Übertrieben!" your Hauptmann calls out, but still you are frozen. He walks up to you, pistol in hand, and points to the ladder and yells "Übertrieben, soldat!" This is the last time he's telling you. Die courageously charging in no man's land or die a coward in your own trench, what's it going to be?... 

I built my piece using the great war Germans kit for the Hauptmann, helmet on the post and gun leaning in the corner.  The trench is made of carved XPS foam, coffee stir sticks for the trench supports and duck boards, texture paste for ground texture and greenstuff to sculpt the sand bags.



Runner Up #1

Forum Username - Justin Yarbrough

Title of Entry - Sunset Recon

Description - Chunk of milliput for the base to give an impression that he's standing on a ridge surveying the land and attempted to add shadows as if it were close to dusk.


Runner Up #2

Forum username - Seba Villagra

Title of entry - August 1944

Description of entry - It is 26 August. The nazis have surrendered Paris. This resistance fighter has replaced her gun with some snacks and is riding to the celebration.  (The girl in bicycle is from the female resistance STL set. The arm with basket is from the camp followers set.) 



Forum username - De Bairead

Title of entry - Dark Age Irish Warrior

Description of entry - Built from the Dark Age Irish Warriors box set, the only modification from the sprue was the addition of a handle to the shield, which was done using milliput.



Forum username - Zerloon

Title of entry - Gahar of Thrandix

Description of entry

After a long day, chopping tree to make space for his field, Gahar only wishes are some foods, his wife and his bed, in this exact order... and yet, these simple pleasure will be tainted by the news, again. The war in the stars is approaching, fast much faster than he had ever imagined.
How can this alien, this... Solar? Earthling? Ooman? Whatever, be so different that ever after decades of bloodshed there is no hope for peace? 

Gahar let out a long sigh... all he knows was to cut tree, make log make some credit for his family. 
Maybe... sooner or later, someone will find a common ground and start talking instead of shooting.

Sooner, or later... 

The Body and the arms are from the Sengoku/Edo paesants, and the head is an Alien Heads. 





Username: Ducknuck84

Title of entry: Lorenza Vittori, ex-Italian Alpine Infantry/Cannon Fodder 

Description: Lorenza was picked up for dereliction of duty after the 40th battle of Isonzo sector when the Italan team was overrun while faceing the Raumjagers. Now she is trying to get scouted from the the Cannon Fodder tier by a major team by using her mountaineering skills to help teams get the high ground in matches. Clad in her jail jumpsuit she shows her pride by wearing her old units field cap.

The idea kind of just came to me when I was looking at the grappeling hook on the sprue. Also gave me a reason to try out making a cork cliff style base. All parts are from the Cannon Fodder II sprue with the exeption of the stock on the rifle which is from a 2nd/3rd ed era GW Space Marine Bolter.


Finally we have the cutest entry! 

This is the entry from Miyuso’s youngest, Adele.

Forum Name: Miyuso

Title: Gravy Crockett

Description: Adele used parts from the Irish, Halfling, Persian and Afghan sets to make her backwoods hunter. She decided he's out scouting during fall, so is dress to hide among the leaves. 


THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED AND CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS! We'll be reaching out to sort out your prizes! 

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Falk - February 20, 2023

The translation of “Over the top” is technically not wrong, but “uebertrieben” is hilarious because it actually means “exaggerated”.

I am not familiar with a specific command for an attack from the trench in German. as far as I know it was likely just a “Raus! Raus!” or “Los! Los!”

TAPM113 - February 18, 2023

Awesome entries!
I couldn’t be more in agreement with you with the winners (and dioramas!), already looking forward to the next iteration. I like how balanced the reviews were, and the little touches.

Thanks for the curation, and see you the next submission!

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