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Painting Contest Winners!

Painting Contest Winners!

Hello everyone!

We have concluded internal judging on the Wargames Atlantic Spring Painting Competition.

We had over 50 entries across our 6 categories. We hope everyone had as much fun building and painting their entries as we did viewing them.

We had 6 categories, split between single figures and groups/dioramas. One of each for Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Historical.

Without further ado, here are the winners. Winners, please click here to message your shipping information and choice of one plastic kit from our available ranges so we can ship your prize to you!



Historical Diorama or Group

Forum name: Maroš Kalafut

Title: Goth Warriors

Description:  1 SAGA point of Goth Warriors straight out of the box - nothing else was needed.


Historical Single Figure

Forum name: Legofax

Title: Spanish Guerrilla Leader

Description: This Spanish guerrilla leader or officer was inspired by the uniform descriptions in Rene Chartrand's Spanish Guerrillas in the Peninsular War. All of his parts are from the British Riflemen set. Moustache and whiskers were added with putty.


Sci-fi Diorama or Group

Forum username - Drew Graham

Title of entry - Recon Pilot Down

Description of entry - This diorama was made with a figure from the Cannon Fodder set, an axe from The WWII Italian Infantry set, the spiders from the Classic Fantasy Giant Spiders set, and a toy spaceship from the Buzz Lightyear film.

I held the brush with my mouth to paint all of the terrain and figures as I have a cervical spinal cord injury which means my hands don't work.

Video showing how I paint -

Captain Argon Lazarus aboard scoutship Scorpio XII on reconnaissance F6 in Epsilon quadrant.
Catastrophic thruster failure.
I'm gonna have to ditch in the desert of this barren planet in the Fluvian system, Planet designation 5-P1D3R
Track my location and scramble a QRF.
Have crash-landed. Safe with minor injuries. Canopy jammed. Need to smash my way out.
Atmosphere is breathable and gravity 0.8 normal.
Abundance of life signs. No landmarks or cities visible - indicating no intelligent life on this whole rock.
What's that?..........


Sci fi Single Figure

Forum username: Andy Smith.

Title: "Hired muscle"

Description: An alien mercenary about to ruin someones day. Why venture into the Cities slums yourself when you can keep your hands clean and pay someone else to do your dirty work for you? 

The head was made by digitally kitbashing two of the other Alien heads together in Blender. 

Kits used: SpaceNam, Digital Alien heads, and Skeletons.


Fantasy Diorama or Group

Forum Username:  John Sullivan

Title: Fantasy regiment of Lizardmen armed with Muskets.


Fantasy Single Figure

Forum Username: Nostalgia

Title: Memento Mori

Description: A portrait of death in a field of nascent flowers. To bloom and to wither, the cycle is ever present.

Inspired by the Memento Mori trope in classical painting, a reminder that death is both inevitable and always lurking by. 

The skeleton is taken whole from the kit. The brush was carved from a spear, with some epoxy putty used to sculpt the bristles. The palette is made with a bit of thin card.

Both easel and canvas are built out of plasticard, with a layer of thin drawing paper as the linen.

The painting on the canvas was done by hand, using the same acrylics employed on the rest of the model. Definitely the most time consuming task in the whole process.


Make sure to check out the forums for the other entries and more photos of the winners! And don't worry the next one will be here soon and you'll have your shot at prizes and fame too!


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Stu - April 29, 2023

👌 😳WOW

Zack - April 28, 2023

The skeleton is bloody awesome

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