Panzer Lehr Division Unleashed!

Panzer Lehr Division Unleashed!

Coming in November, the mighty Panzer Lehr Division prepares to take the field! This 30-figure set will allow you to recreate this elite unit on your battlefield or use the optional arms and bits for regular tank crewmen! 

Pre-order multi-box deals are up and you can reserve yours by clicking here or on the images below. 

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FrankR - October 9, 2021

Must have… great work guys…

Doruk - October 8, 2021

Well I can say that I did nazi that coming…

Marian - October 8, 2021

@PEter that could be handgranades:

That ist a very nice set for the mid war period, i like them very much

JTam - October 8, 2021

Peter – Probably M39 egg grenades. Commonly seen hanging from the bottom of magazine pouches.

Mark - October 8, 2021

Not certain, but I think maybe “egg” grenades.

David Phillips - October 7, 2021

I don’t really do ww2 but it’s still a nice set maybe i will mash it with some left over death fields parts for a unique unit

PEter - October 7, 2021

What are the small mystery bits for at the end of the sprue opposite the grenades?
Figures look good.

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