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Poll: Horses Standing Around?

Poll: Horses Standing Around?

We've been thinking about doing some regular old horses standing around, grazing, etc. Pop into the forum and give us your thoughts!

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Tony Scott - March 11, 2022

Ideal for objectives in many grames… I want them for Pony Wars

Axel - February 19, 2022

Getting myself (and our club) plenty if the price is right.

Harold - February 19, 2022

Yes, horses please. Running, standing, eating, drinking. No tack. Maybe headstalls and generic saddles on a separate sprue?
And please sculpt them so the anatomy is more accurate. Hooves, legs, musclulature. Thanks for the chance to give input!

Max - February 12, 2022

Really want to reiterate what Jeremy said, would be the perfect kit to convert cavalry for any figures and would work great in most eras/settings

Just a Dude - February 12, 2022

Personally I think they’d be useful, that being said, I won’t be purchasing many more mini boxes for the time being, I recently got your Goblins, Irish Warband, and Giant Spiders, and along with my current pile likely won’t be needing any new minis until at least 2024 (lol)

UARK_Scott - February 11, 2022

I could use a Box and If it had a running horse and a Dead horse per sprue, multiple boxes. What it comes down to is can WGA make money beyond the initial investment? These figures have a place in every war game genera prior to 1930 ( And sci-fi for those who remember Firefly.). Not as playable models but more like terrain, scenics or objectives. That’s a fairly broad market. The problem with securing a customer base is will they purchase this set before adding another box of combatants to their pile of mini’s? Let’s face it Landsknecht Ogres beat out some pretty useful stuff on that poll last year.

Y. Whateley - February 11, 2022

I don’t know about a whole box of nothing but bareback, grazing horses, but if you make them a part of a set of something that includes those horses (e.g. a Farm Animals style set), then you’re talking!

Andrew - February 11, 2022

What Jeremy said. Standing horses are relatively common, but customizable horses with bits that can allow for different historical and fantasy settings would be ideal.

Jeremy - February 11, 2022

Horses like this in bareback are fairly easy to find at this scale. My suggestion is the ideal setup would be bareback horses with the option to add saddles and kit to them on a piece by piece basis and add 6 pairs of legs in a riding pose: 2 medieval era, 2 western era, 2 ww1/ era and just try to make them nondescript enough that they can be adapted in to other eras without much fuss. the idea being if you do this and vary the kit enough they would work in pretty much any time period or setting that has horses

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