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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Preview: Napoleonic Prussian Reserve Army Builder Set

Preview: Napoleonic Prussian Reserve Army Builder Set

We teased a secret Napoleonic set along with a new kind of box - Army Builder. Now we can reveal it: 

This will be our third Napoleonic set (although the second released as the Spanish needed a bit more work) and the first of the Army Builder sets. What is an Army Builder set you ask? Well, we are happy to explain! 

An Army Builder is a new type of plastic set we are experimenting with. It's designed to let you build the bulk of your forces with a minimal amount of assembly and for a great value. Instead of 30-40 models in the box, you get a whopping 60 for the same price ($34.95 / £25) but with less parts to stick together. In this case, there is also no command included and you will have to source command from another manufacturer in either metal or plastic. This gives you the flexibility to set the ratio of command to troops in your unit depending on which set of rules you play. If you want 12-man, 24-man, 36-man, or 124-man units have at it!

Artwork by Peter Dennis

As you can see above the tooling is finished and these are preparing to ship out for a probable March release alongside the Lizardmen (two sets that are definitely meant to go together!?!?!)

We are excited to see what you think of this Army Builder idea and how we can use it for other subjects both for Napoleonics and other historical periods and perhaps even fantasy. Feel free to tell us your ideas and thoughts below. 

We will have more to show on these along with size comparison photos as we get closer to release. 

Sculpting: Thieu Duong

Painting and Photography: Matthew Leahy

Box Design: Henry Hyde

Research and Advice: Dr. Stephen Summerfield and Thomas Young



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Alberto - January 9, 2021

Beautiful perfect for a lot of things.

Simon - January 9, 2021

I really like these and they are a must have for the Prussian army from 1813 onwards. Personally I also like the pose and not having loads of bits to stick together

Jason Arce - January 8, 2021

The problem I have here is I like the idea of getting more models per box with less parts. But but such a mono pose and single pose models is a huge sacrifice. I hope you find a sweet spot for all your lines. Where we can a low-cost per model kits to be good troops filler to increase Army size. But we can build at least 3 possible different assemblies. This kit is too much of a tin Soldiers redo but in plastic. In 2021 I can see a very limited consumer base for this. Some people will love it for sure. But not enough for good long term sales.

LD - January 8, 2021

Great idea! Would love to see this concept for other periods etc too

Mck - January 8, 2021

Have to say that this seems to be a bit like a step backwark directly into the darkest times of the monopose space marine.
Pretty good for the price, I guess, but I don’t like this static line.

Ian Chard - January 8, 2021

Nice concept and lovely figures. The range of heads is good, but with a mix of British stovepipe shakos, and maybe even some French style belltops, a complete range of reserve battalions can be made. Mix up the jacket colours – maybe Prussian blue with British rifle green – and you have the lot.
Keep up the good work.

Ben H - January 8, 2021

While I don’t play much black powder period the less time consuming fiddley gluing the better. So the idea of double the figures less glue really appeals to me for any genres.
I’d also agree that having some action posses (like 1/72s in the market) for firing, reloading etc would be a nice break from static marach/parade ground posses of a lot of 28mm. Thanks!!

Mark Bevis - January 8, 2021

Now then, like the idea of less parts!
I build a lot of 1/72 tank kits, and some manufacturers use too many parts because they can (with modern technology) rather than because they should.
So yes, less can be more!
Will work very well with the upcoming 1838-40s EIC infantry box you’re working on.
You are working on it, right?

Red - January 7, 2021

Huzzah for the Prussians! What we need now is plastic Prussian artillery. Plastic Napoleonic artillery is a rarity, and no one does Prussian stuff – corner the market!

Teemu Kujala - January 7, 2021

Hmmm… why all three plastic Prussian infantry -products are in quite static march / standing positions, like
This set kind of does not add anything new… shooting poses and elite options would have been very welcome!

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