Preview: Napoleonic Prussian Reserve Army Builder Set

Preview: Napoleonic Prussian Reserve Army Builder Set

We teased a secret Napoleonic set along with a new kind of box - Army Builder. Now we can reveal it: 

This will be our third Napoleonic set (although the second released as the Spanish needed a bit more work) and the first of the Army Builder sets. What is an Army Builder set you ask? Well, we are happy to explain! 

An Army Builder is a new type of plastic set we are experimenting with. It's designed to let you build the bulk of your forces with a minimal amount of assembly and for a great value. Instead of 30-40 models in the box, you get a whopping 60 for the same price ($34.95 / £25) but with less parts to stick together. In this case, there is also no command included and you will have to source command from another manufacturer in either metal or plastic. This gives you the flexibility to set the ratio of command to troops in your unit depending on which set of rules you play. If you want 12-man, 24-man, 36-man, or 124-man units have at it!

Artwork by Peter Dennis

As you can see above the tooling is finished and these are preparing to ship out for a probable March release alongside the Lizardmen (two sets that are definitely meant to go together!?!?!)

We are excited to see what you think of this Army Builder idea and how we can use it for other subjects both for Napoleonics and other historical periods and perhaps even fantasy. Feel free to tell us your ideas and thoughts below. 

We will have more to show on these along with size comparison photos as we get closer to release. 

Sculpting: Thieu Duong

Painting and Photography: Matthew Leahy

Box Design: Henry Hyde

Research and Advice: Dr. Stephen Summerfield and Thomas Young



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Chris - January 5, 2021

This is what I thought plastic sets would be years ago when the first ones came out: few-parts, cheap and clean, suitable for making large armies. Instead we got complicated sets that were actually not much cheaper than metal. Bravo for this concept. Warlord have a few sets that are like this and early Perry sets were simple too, but this is a great addition to those and very reasonably priced. I am still worried that the muskets are too fragile….my last beef with plastics! Make the weapons more robust and you have me totally sold.

Bommel - January 5, 2021

These is a very great idea. I am.very happy with it. I hope it sell it very well so you will build more packe like the spanish napoleonic also or other ranges. Very exciting, very great. How. What a beginning in 2021.

Planewalker - January 5, 2021

This would work great for generic dark age warriors. There seems to be enough space on a sprue for axe and spear fists to attach to an arm and round shields.

Andrew - January 5, 2021

This is a fantastic concept. While Napoleonics aren’t really my thing, I’d love to see more of this in fantasy or even sci-fi. Wonderful work!

Grumhelden - January 5, 2021


One of the things I loved about some of the warlord sets was the simplicity, it’s also what put me right off the inherited Wargames Factory ones (long necks aside).

My rank and file should be ship shape and bristol fashion, if you will pardon the mixed metaphor.

Ralph Ashdown - January 5, 2021

P Russians are not an army I’m interested but they look like excellent figures and I love the concept.

Radu Petrovici - January 5, 2021

This is good news. However, there are no plastic Prussian infantry doing anything else but marching. Action poses are only in metal. How the WA minis compare with Perry and Calpe, will be very important for my decision to buy them. Good luck with the concept and wishing you happy returns on the investment.

Shaun Duncan - January 5, 2021

Are the figures hard plastic or resin please ?
The idea is good nice to have Landwehr in Shakos.

Stefano - January 5, 2021

Fantastic work!!!!

Craig Welter - January 5, 2021

What I’d really love to see is the same sort of thing but in smaller scale, maybe on strips. Like 10-15mm tall marching infantry. Warlord Games just did one for the american Civil War and a lot of people are really excited about it, even though the uniforms are totally wrong. So I think there’s demand for a good small scale plastic set.

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