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Raumjäger Review by Greg Thompson

Raumjäger Review by Greg Thompson

Greg Thompson was kind enough to post a review on the Astra Militarum Facebook Group of our new Raumjäger plastic sci-fi infantry. We'll let Greg take it away:

Got my Raumjäger from Wargames Atlantic today. Great models that will fit a variety of roles. You get 24 models in the box for $35 USD. I think that's that basic cost at least, I went with a 2 box deal and the more boxes you buy right now the cheaper they are. That deal may have ended so don't quote me.

They build very nice and have a good mix of weapons and if I had any complaint to make about these sprues it would be the lack of an option to arm all models with a rifle. That said these are for their own game and I doubt it will be an option to use them as such so I can't fault them. As I said they will work well with other companies offerings and I may try some different arm options to see what I like best.

The weapons and heads included are cool and suitably designed to cover any SciFi or even near future setting for the most part and still look the part. For 40k I will be calling them autoguns, which is fine as I plan to use them as guardsmen in my GSC (a great proxy for some kind of PDF/mine security detail). The sprue doesn't include a lot of extra details like cadians do, but unlike cadians every model has lots of pouches and such sculpted on, so this is a non-issue in my opinion.

Aesthetically the models are very pleasing. The details are crisp and will take paint quite well based on examples nice seen. My own work will pop up here in the next week or 2. Back to extra bits I think a great look for these guys would be some backpacks to give them a drop infantry look, they are based on Fallschirmjaeger after all. That doesn't mean I wouldn't like these as a proxy Steel legion either, but they are actually a tad too bulky in my opinion so going with a custom regiment would be best I think.

Quality of the plastic is good also, and mould lines are very minimal, mainly needing to be shaved off the helmets for obvious reasons unless you want it to have an odd 2 part look. On the fatigues they won't be that noticeable I can't imagine, but they won't take long to remove either.

Warning, they do not include bases, only the sprues x6 but that's not a big deal as you can get as many bases as you need from eBay or wherever. When I asked them about it they said so many base suggestions had been made that it was easier to go without them which is fine by me.

Overall these guys are a great value product no matter how you would use them, wether it's as is, a few GW parts or, if you don't like their overall look, the box is worth it for the bits then, as you could really go to town mixing these with GW, Anvil, Victoria, etc, for a very reasonable cost using these as the base. With these in hand I am very excited for the upcoming Grognards as my Vostroyans could use some support in the way of new poses!

Greg told us in a follow up message: "I'm by no means a professional at it but I've been at this for 20+ years and built model kits prior to that so I feel I know a good kit from a bad one when I see it, and these are great."

Thank you Greg! Some more images follow:


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