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Results from the Driver's Seat Contest!

Results from the Driver's Seat Contest!

Last week we let you take the wheel for upcoming releases and thousands of you jumped straight in! Now we can share the results! 

For September Release: Death Fields Ooh Rah! They squeaked past the Grognard Raptor Cavalry and the Iron-Core Valkir were in 3rd.

For October Release: Classic Fantasy Landsknecht Ogres! Kobolds and Trolls were neck and neck in 2nd and 3rd. 

For November Release: Modern "Operators" just barely beat out the WW1 British. New entree 1930s Gangsters and G-Men and Conquistador Cavalry were close behind.

We've awarded free sets to three of the participants who left their emails. Just waiting to hear back from them now. If you weren't one of the lucky ones, just wait and more contests will be on the way. In the meantime for more chances to win, join up at our forum here

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Magnus - June 14, 2022

Very excited to see the Modern Operators!
I was really hoping to see Command and Heavy Support for the Raumjäger coming up soon.

Chris Pryme - June 13, 2022

Disappointed as I am with the Halflings missing out I do look forward to getting my grubby little mitts on the Ogres.

Jezz - June 12, 2022

Can’t wait for those ogres, the Ooh Rha look pretty great as well.

Marian - June 12, 2022

@ DaveG Year, me too. I also hoped to see some new stuff for the halflings.
I want some with handguns and crossbows and ‘big’ paveses.
But I’m fine with the modern operators as choise of the community.
And I’m very glade WA is involving us in this way.

Dave G - June 11, 2022

Sad to see the Conquistador cavalry missing out. I’d like to see these before commiting to purchases of the current foot figures.

Eric Jones - June 11, 2022

As an historical gamer, there isn’t too much to get excited about. Maybe some of the 1930s G-Men could get pressed into service for something… Probably will focus on some other projects and unpainted pile for the immediate future.

FrankR - June 11, 2022

Sept. release: Iron-Core Valkir…
Any information about version… “support troopers” aka heavy weapons… “assault troopers” aka short-range fighters… “heavy troopers” aka stormtroopers…?

Or a mix all of them?

Red Bee - June 11, 2022

Pretty psyched that Ooh Ra are already getting a September release! I’m really excited for more Death Fields.

It’s also great to see historicals getting so many close votes. I felt like that line had too many great options, and it looks like I wasn’t alone on that.

Azazel - June 11, 2022

I need to complain in the comments because someone else’s first choice was more popular than mine.
Did I do comments correctly?

Peter - June 10, 2022

More like ho hum rather than Ooh Rah . As a historical gamer this lot leave me cold. Let’s hope October onward is more interesting.

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