Review Roundup and D&D Stats?

Review Roundup and D&D Stats?

We've received several reviews over the last week and wanted to highlight some of them for you! 

First up is Must Contains Minis with a review of the Prussian Reserve Army Builder set: 

Also click here for a detailed written review for those of you who don't want to watch a video! 

Next we have a review of the French Resistance from France (in French): 

Finally on the review front we have a look at our Giant Spiders from Tabletop Generals in Germany: 

We also received some stats to make the Death Fields sets compatible with D&D 5th Edition. Thank you David! Click on the image to download them: 

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David phillips - May 9, 2021

@Benjamin MacConnell I made the stat blocks they are´nt the highest quality the CR of Einherjar has determined based on the DMG description of health reign which stayed to increase the number of effective hitpoints buy 3 times the amount regined per turn and you may notice he has less hit points then the others it´s about as on CR as I could manage but CR is iffy and your free to homebrew it

Kevin Scrivner - May 9, 2021

D&D CR? Bah! Where’s the Tunnels and Trolls Monster Rating? 😉

hüth - May 8, 2021

CR is a mess anyway.

Benjamin MacConnell - May 8, 2021

While I like the DnD support, I find the stat blocks could use some editing. The Raumjager don’t have any kind of melee attack specified. And I question whether the Einherjar warriors could remain CR 1 if they have HP regen. That kind of thing innately increases their CR, as it gives them functionally more max health.

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