Later Romans in Tooling

Later Romans in Tooling

A new set is on the way! WAALR001 Late Roman Legionaries (1): Lorica Hamata.

This set is the first in our Decline & Fall range covering from Diocletian to the end of the Roman Empire in the West where we segue into the Blood Oaths range. There will be some cross-over as well between the two ranges. 

Here is the layout that's currently being milled: 

As the sharp-eyed will be able to tell, there are three unique helmet types (four if you count the centurion one), two types of crests, a bear head for the standard bearer/musician, and fellows in Pannonian/Pillei hats who can be berated by Vegetius.

The Romans can be armed with spatha, spear, or plumbata and there is a club for dealing with those pesky cataphracts! 

We will have more to show on these as they move through the tooling process over the next few weeks along with their Goth adversaries.


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David - March 26, 2021

Love the variety, different selection of equipment that the other plastic already out there. All clad in chainmail and with plumbata!

Might we see lorica squamata next? I haven’t seen that in plastic… and it was pretty commonly used.

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