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Russians for at Least 4 Wars!

Russians for at Least 4 Wars!

Following up on our Japanese suitable for the Boxer Rebellion, Russo-Japanese War, and WW1...we have Russians! 

This set is equally versatile and can be used for not only those three conflicts but into the Russian Civil War. That said, the bodies do have shoulder boards so they would be suitable as "Whites" but with a quick trim and adding budenovka caps you will get your "Reds" as well. 

We're hopeful to get all the parts above onto the sprue but there may be a couple dropped along the way depending on space.

These are off to file prep and we'll keep you up to date on the Release Schedule as they move through the tooling queue. Fair warning there are quite a few sets in line ahead of them! 

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Alex - February 18, 2022

Yes!! These look awesome, very excited to pick some up when they come out!!

FrankR - February 18, 2022

You may have right… with all you say… and these are perfect russian soldiers… but some of us had plans with them, to use them NOT as russian soldiers… maybe as troopers in a far, far future… ;-)
Combined with the “Death Fields Weapons Upgrade Sprue 001” they were perfect… and that officer… I have SO MANY ideas in my head…
WA should not leave these blankets/greycoats – only as a additional part like grenades, bags and so on… that would be great.
You can us it for russian soldiers (or others in that timeline) or leave it for other scenarios…

lord_blackfang - February 18, 2022

Can you put a left handed pistol so we can have a dual wielding guy? Makes no sense but it’s cool and will be handy for historical fantasy like Silver Bayonet or Sludge War.

Kenny - February 18, 2022

I am amazed at some of the comments. The blanket roll is not a blanket it is his greatcoat. Without it this would not be a very accurate Russian soldier. The hats and caps are fine for the periods. The peaked cap with a brim was standard for the Russian infantry in the 1904 war. The same cap with the brim cut off will proxy fine for the Russian sailor cap which was primary for the Boxer Rebellion as they were Naval forces in the conflict mostly. Atlantic have made models perfect to represent RUSSIAN infantry. If you want other infantry look elsewhere or petition them to make them as well. Sheesh!

FrankR - February 18, 2022

I like that set… but I don’t like that blanket rolls on the bodies… additional perfect, but “always on”… no, please…

Pat O'Brien - February 18, 2022

Nice , but would have been much better without the rolled blanket , making them much more useful figures.

Wargames Atlantic - February 17, 2022

Ben – the Mosin-Nagant is 48.5inches/1232mm long at 1/56 that comes out to 22mm. Ours is actually a little larger at 25mm to make it more robust at scale so should work well!

Marian - February 17, 2022

Also, some cavalarie of pre-, and WWI time, like them, would be nice. Maybe with the option to build them as polish ones, or other nations, too.

Aureus Mandate - February 17, 2022

Awesome! Really looks like it’s going to be a wonderful kit.

However, to pitch in an additional nitpick aside from the earlier ones, I do feel like the balance of heads could be reshuffled. There’s a glut of budennovkas, I’m guessing to account for flaps up or down.

I think the kit would be more versatile with fewer budennovkas, and instead include some kubanka or papakha fur hats (which can be used in all periods, and both Red/White). Alternatively, some visorless peaked caps (“bezkozirka” in Russian) would also help the kit fit into the earlier periods, while still being usable for the later ones.

JTam - February 17, 2022

This is a really cool kit.

Ben you are a 100% right about the straight stocks.

Reference the length, isn’t the 1891 only 2.5 inches longer than the Dragoon and/or 91/30?

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