Shipping Out from North America!

Shipping Out from North America!

Bridge Fulfillment has been hard at work all week getting all the French, Cannon Fodder, Goblins, and restock orders out the door.

They've done a tremendous job with the sheer volume they had to deal with and everything should be out the door and on it's way to you (with a tracking number) by the end of the day! 

We will be going through the system to double check everything over the weekend but everything is looking good right now. Thanks again for your patience dealing with these global freight delays.

Our new US plastic facility is fully up and running now so all the new sets and future restocks will be coming fast and furious!

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Dean - December 5, 2021

Waiting on a box each of WW1 French and WW2 Italians. Placed the order back when the Italians were announced for pre-order.

Kelly D Perkins - November 23, 2021

Got my tracking number but 4 days later the package still hasn’t hit the mail.

Warren - November 23, 2021

Woot can’t wait

Benjamin Hayward - November 21, 2021


David Phillips - November 20, 2021

i’m very happy about this i’ve been waiting weeks and ran out of other figures and my dnd games have been canceled and I’ve had nothing hobby wise to work on with loads more free time than is healthy

Ryan Arnone - November 20, 2021

About time, looking forward to it!

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