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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


SneakFeet for Death Fields!

SneakFeet for Death Fields!

One of our newest Atlantic Digital releases is coming to hard plastic! The SneakFeet!

Like The Vain, The SneakFeet were similarly misled by greedy owners. Owned by Advantage DFCW, the team was first founded as a sniper-only unit made up of humans that had been reaped from a variety of Earth conflicts over the centuries. This was a long term project by the Advantage team owner who saw the market opportunity to provide specialist units as one-off match add-ons for existing teams.

Claiming that she could provide the team with genetic modifications that would allow them to increase their stealthiness, accuracy, and overall effectiveness, she failed to discuss the side effects to achieve these benefits: larger, padded feet for stealth and to make footwear unnecessary, diminished stature to better remain hidden, and the ability to consume massive quantities of food in order to achieve a hibernation-like state where even the heart rate slowed to a near stop.

Given that these changes were irreversible, the majority of the team have embraced their new abilities and continued to hone their skills on and off the battlefield. When the SneakFeet join another Death Fields team, spectators are guaranteed to see some truly impressive “feets” of marksmanship.

The parts are in layout now so we will be able to show off final frame inclusions soon. Stay tuned! 

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chris - January 26, 2024

When, Please let them come soon!

Lee - October 10, 2023

Do they come with taters?

Rallarallo - August 31, 2023

Call me crazy but i would love options to equip them with altyn helmets and AK 47…

Bluecho - August 25, 2023

I like the inclusion of regular (albeit smol) rifles. Allowing one to not only field them as snipers, but as regular infantry squads. Might be a bit difficult finding special weapons for them, though.

Les - August 22, 2023


What happened to the Great War Russian set?

It disappeared off of Vox Populi – has it been cancelled?

Dale - August 20, 2023

Take my money now please! I do agree with @Rakudaya, some blades,frying pans, sub sandwiches, or thermos close combat weapons would be awesome.

Have you ever been hit with a good sub sammie? +2 to stun…

Robert Piepenbrink - August 20, 2023

I certainly have a place for these fellows! You hurry up production while I concentrate on paint schemes.

I suppose there’s no prospect of their bearded, stockier cousins bred for engineering?

Rakudaya - August 20, 2023

I need close conbat weapons for then!

Lee - August 20, 2023

Think I’ve just found my specialist snipers and tunnel rats to augment a Space Nam company. Love the sculpts but may swap out a couple of heads in order to have a few in helmets. So excited!

Barry Evans - August 19, 2023

Wow, just love them:)

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