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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


SpaceNam Ready to "Get Some"!

SpaceNam Ready to "Get Some"!

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the insanely talented team at Reptilian Overlords. We will be working with them to bring versions of their fantastic model sets from resin and STL file formats to on-the-sprue hard plastic.

Our first release are the iconic SpaceNam!



From the depths of jungle worlds where even the plant life will eat you to the cold, ozone-scented corridors of derelict space freighters, Reptilian Overlords’ SPACENAM are the perfect models to take on ravaging alien invaders, zombie hordes, or even rogue AI.

This 20 figure hard plastic set includes an armory full of interesting weapons including standard rifles, blast pistols, edged weapons, grenades, flame throwers, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and plasma and heat weapons.

This first set is available to pre-order now. Production will begin soon and we are targeting a September release date worldwide.

We also have 3, 5, and 10 box deals for those who need to build up a big army of SpaceNam.

Click here to get yours now!

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Dicky Octavira - October 4, 2022

I have ordered a box of these bad boys…can’t wait to receive the package!
I hope there’s a new weapons and bits upgrade kit in the works also.

John Eveson - July 23, 2022

Didnt know i needed a Catachan army but now I do.

DAVID EVANS - July 22, 2022

The only thing missing is a minigun, but I did see a grenade launcher for a near perfect set against a Predator.
Even one trooper wold make a version of Arnie’s other film Commando!

Tom Halpin - July 22, 2022

Where are the “reptiles”? And, no, I don’t mean the Anglo-German “royalty” of Englaland.

Cranky today - July 22, 2022

Finally some well-proportioned minis from WA! More like these, please!

Justin - July 22, 2022

Really looking forward to seeing more RO designs in plastic. I wasn’t sold on them in 3D printer resin and plastic printing just isn’t good at this scale yet. Injection moulding is the true way forward.

jonathan - July 21, 2022

Amazing stuff. I really appreciate you partnering with RO since I love their sculpts but don’t have the time to get into 3D printing right now. Having their sculpts available mass produced in plastic is somewhat of a dream come true. Please do more collaborations in the future!

Jezz - July 20, 2022

Oh wow, nice.

JBR - July 20, 2022

Those are amazing. Love the variety of creative models you’re bringing down the pipeline. I have friends already clamoring for this set.
…so much like the cannon fodder, Space ’Nam box 2 when? I joke, but a squad reminiscent of Vasquez from aliens would be great.

Red Bee - July 20, 2022

That is a perfect partnership! I’m really excited to see how this goes.

Now, to figure out if I’m going to add these to my future Ooh Ra! Force, or if my Ooh Ra! Will be reinforcements for Space Bam?

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