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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Spare Parts Bits Frame! Test Shots! Get Yours!

Spare Parts Bits Frame! Test Shots! Get Yours!

Our friend Pete the Wargamer of YouTube fame (check out his channel here) has run a successful Gamefound campaign to back the development of a spare parts and dead animal bits frame that we helped him create. 

We're happy to announce the frame is out of tooling! The T1 - first test shot - is below and may be getting some final tweaks but is almost ready for production. You can still back the campaign by clicking here!

Want to get your hands on this frame? Click here!


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Robert Trebor - June 21, 2024

Very clever but I would like to see a frame of HUMAN bits — skulls, ribs, leg bones, arm bones, hands etc. Good for conversions and battle field scatter. Thanks

Chris - June 20, 2024

Hope this does well. But personally I feel like there’s a disproportionate amount of shark teeth, and aside from the horns I’m not really sure the theming this box has encourages many people to buy them.

The citadel skulls kit is popular because its entire theme is based around head-themed bones, like there’s a theme while the stuff contained on this sprue doesn’t really have that, we have two main themes going off in different directions when they could both be a part of their own themed boxes instead. A forest and nautical-themed dead animal bits box each would be much more popular.

Y. Whateley - June 19, 2024

That’s a cool enough idea that I’m backing it for a couple frames.

That’s a lot of shark jaws compared to the number of bits that could have been put on a frame like this instead, but they would make some nifty decorations for a seaside village or an army of Lovecraftian nasties like Deep Ones and Cthulhu-monsters, and for pirate ships and pirate armies.

Similarly, I’m not convinced the world needs a whole lot of stray bones and rib-cages of this sort, given that a box of Wargame Atlantic skeletons will supply you with a lifetime supply of human long-bones, rib cages, pelvises, and skulls to decorate stuff with, but there’s not so much of this stuff there as to be unwelcome.

The antlers, horns and feathers are where this set really shine! I don’t think you’ll find that sort of thing anywhere else, and this sort of stuff will really dress up a variety of fantasy and sci-fi stuff quite nicely! Your druids, barbarians, rangers, elves, goblins, orcs, and trolls will love this stuff.

I kinda wish there were more things like heads and skulls on spikes, and miscellaneous skulls of all sorts: sure, there’s a boxed set of skulls out there somewhere (by GW or someone?), that supplies a lifetime supply of Warhammer-friendly skulls, and as mentioned a box of WA classic fantasy skeletons supplies a ton of human skulls, but assorted monster and animals skulls make fine trophies and decorations. Some taxidermied bits – animal and monster heads on plaques and that sort of thing – might have been a nice addition as well, as might a bear-skin rug, or a generic animal pelt stretched on a frame to decorate those frontier villages. Maybe some human heads with racoon-skin caps or wolf-pelt hoods or shaman hats with antlers and the like, to headswap onto your human and elf shaman, ranger, and barbarian minis, and maybe a few for orcs, goblins, and beast-men as well. I’d also love to see more animal-hide capes of the sort that hang around the necks or off the shoulders of some of the historical minis sets – these are also great “animal bits” for dressing up minis. Just a thought, maybe something like this might help fill out a Dead Animal Bits 2 or 3!

Anyway, I’m in for a couple frames, it’s a cool idea!

Ciaran - June 18, 2024

The only bits that would give me pause are the shark jaws, though I can see them working as terrain bits. Everything else is very simple but I really like it. We need more kits like this in plastic.

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