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Ryan - July 10, 2020

Russo-afghan war (1979-1989) would be cool.

Jason - July 10, 2020

Nato/warsaw pact works with falklands, as, of course, you only need the Argentinian forces as the UK forces are Nato….

Ewan Spence - July 10, 2020

With the interwar you could have a field day with figures for VBCW and also for 1940 Local Defence Volunteers for a Sealion game

Red - July 10, 2020

African Wars of Independence would be great – one kit can represent a lot of different countries, and players can still use some WWII vehicles that were surplused, and the aspect of European mercenaries is interesting.

James Prosser - July 10, 2020

Any army that could be used a proxies for Imperial Guard in Warhammer 40K with a little modification

Serge - July 10, 2020

That’s what i’ve asked You for.
Vietnam War/ African wars/South American wars/ Modern military contractors would be GREAT!

Calum Strachan - July 10, 2020

the Falklands as a starting point for 80s cold war would be good, because one kit could be used for both sides, given that the main differences in equipment of infantry would be helmets. Outside of America, Denmark and France almost everyone in NATO used it, even if only for a few years before switching to the G3. The second kit would be Russians. A box of 80s civilians with AKs and bandanas/scarfs over their faces could be African Millitias, the Wolverines from red dawn or some criminal types who’ve tooled up heavily for a job…

Nick Rethemeyer - July 10, 2020

Some good options would be to do soviet style tunics with a variety of headgear. A-LOT-of the gear is similar with just the helmets being different.

Likewise MOPP (chemwar) gear is pretty universal, and an obvious easy sale.

Steven Clark - July 10, 2020

To be fair, I love the idea of everything from Falklands onwards. Being British, I’d love to see models from the Falklands conflict. At the same time, models for a theoretical NATO?Warsaw pact would be awesome, as would modern or independent military contractors (Mercenaries! Hell yeah!).

These are niches that aren’t entirely full at the moment and would provide some great modelling opportunities. They’d provide great models for things like 2 hour wargames, Twilight 2000, Merc 2000 or D20 Modern (especially the 4 military supplements: Afghanistan, Columbia, Somalia and Iraq)

James Wallbank - July 10, 2020

I agree with everything Robert says above, and echo his point on the set quality – just ordered my second box deal of Persians!

My choice of set would be for modern African wars though – I think skirmish gaming that would be great! Although I guess a set of SCW anarchist militia would run it a close second…

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