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The Future is Hard Plastic!

The Future is Hard Plastic!

Not all that surprising, but the results of the Great Wargames Survey by Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine has again confirmed that Hard Plastic (i.e. high impact polystyrene) continues to be the most desired material for wargames miniatures. Check out the article here!
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Tobias P - November 5, 2022

Classic example of a bad poll with a usable result anyway.

Bad: How many people actually know what Siocast is? How to compare something that you have to create yourself (3d printing) to ready-made stuff? Why is PVC separate from soft plastic and hard plastic?

Good: The HIP vs. white metal issue is illustrated very well. The fact that the polled group has access to both materials rather evenly is very good – trying this poll with an Infinity peer group would have skewed the result (or in any other game system where there is only metal minis – fans are doing some rather elaborate mental gymnastics to justify still having to buy metal minis)

Louie - October 22, 2022

I like metal but way to expensive for me now. Also hard plastic is so easy to kitbash and takes paint much better so much so that I dont warnish anymore.

Thomas - October 17, 2022

Its either hard plastic and metal for me. love the heft of metal and alot of the metal sculpts out there but when building larger forces the ease of assembly and price of plastic wins out

De Carolis Alessio - October 12, 2022

It’s perfectly logical that hard Plastic will be the material of future for this hobby, its flexibility for conversions, and that you can glue it with simple pl. glue give it a real edge on other materials such as metal or resin.

Jens - October 11, 2022

If it’s not made in plastic I don’t really bother anymore so this is definitely true for me.

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