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The Goblins March Forth!

The Goblins March Forth!


The ancient enemy of the Free Kingdoms, the Goblin tribes are a constant threat. In normal times, the threat can be dealt with tribe by tribe by the warriors and militia of the High Queen, but recently there have been whisperings that some powerful warlord has begun to conquer and unite the tribes. Folk fear that this can only mean that War will soon stalk all the lands.

This hard plastic box set allows you to field up to 30 Goblin warriors with options for spear, bow, and a variety of nasty hand weapons. A huge number of heads and other bits creates immense variety. Also, when paired with WAACF003 GIANT SPIDERS the goblins can be converted to spider cavalry.


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Scott - September 11, 2021

The symbiosis between the goblin and spider set is a really good idea. The goblins think they have cool all-terrain vehicles, the spiders think they have a tasty backpack-lunch.

Kim - August 19, 2021

The “backwards compatibility” with the spiders is a real nice touch! And calling this the “Classic Fantasy line” and make the goblins look like something from 1970’s illustrations of Lord of the Rings is spot on.

David Phillips - August 18, 2021

glad they are here i might get them but I should probably finish what I already own

Brickfix - August 18, 2021

I’m so much looking forward to these! Together with some spiders they will make a perfect encounter for my RPGs

Axel - August 18, 2021

A nod goes to Angus McBrides depiction of Tolkiens Orks, which were already used by Wargames Factory and probably also inspired Oathmark.

I think these will match well…

Benjamin MacConnell - August 17, 2021

From the position of the legs, it looks like this box will have 12 goblins that can be mounted on spiders. Which is a good number when it comes to cavalry boxes, as I’ve come to understand. With the added benefit that you have 18 foot-slogging goblins left over. Sounds good.

I can see this working well for both wargaming and for role-playing games. A single box (along with a Giant Spiders box) can go a long way towards supplying a GM’s miniatures needs.

Rustam - August 17, 2021

These look great. The style will definitely pair nicely with Warlord’s plastic orc mins and oathmark’s goblins.

sister lilia - August 17, 2021

sweet just as i needed goblins for terrain videos and these will be perfect

Y. Whateley - August 17, 2021

These look like they’ll be a lot of fun! I like that they aren’t as cartoonish and exaggerated as some of their popular hard-plastic competition. They look like they’ll be a great match for the Halfling Militia!

Robert Gettinger - August 17, 2021

In my opinion they look quite nice and will fit in a lot of Fantasy scenarios.

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