The Wargames Atlantic Great Big Follow Along Contest

The Wargames Atlantic Great Big Follow Along Contest

Last year we ran a contest to vote for a pair of traditional adversaries. The winners of that contest were the Conquistadors vs Aztecs and we will be releasing both in the coming months.

This year we want to try something more ambitious: a multi-stage contest that will also result in two new 28mm hard plastic sets...but with a twist. And with lots of prizes.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: today we open up submissions (using the form below) to enter your ONE idea for a new 28mm hard plastic set. Those who want to participate will submit just the title of a set like WW1 Argentinians or Post Apocalyptic Bankers or Twin Suns of Mars Two-Headed Camels. Please don't ask for Star Wars Stormtroopers or Game of Thrones Lannisters or Dune Sardaukar or My Little Pony Armored Cavalry as we don't own the rights to make those!

Don't do this.

Step 2: after we've received enough entries we'll put them to the vote. This vote may be done in rounds (if there are a huge number of entries) or divided by category depending on what comes in. Eventually we'll reduce them down to your Top 10. 

Those who submitted the Top 10 ideas will each get their choice of a Wargames Atlantic plastic set. In the case of duplicate entries it will be determined on a first-submitted basis. You are allowed one submission per person and only the first submission will be counted.

So many choices!

Step 3: the Top 10 will be put to a vote with the winner going into production. We'll include the community in every step of the production process from the creation of the sculpting brief, to first work-in-progress renders, to 3D prints, to the sprue layout, the illustration for the box, the painted figures, and finally to the sprue itself (this is the "Follow Along" part). Whoever submitted the winning entry will also win Wargames Atlantic sets for a year: your choice of any 12 existing or upcoming plastic sets!

But wait, there's more...

Would you sell your soul to make a plastic kit?

Step 4: The Grand Prize. Have you ever wanted to design a plastic set? This could be your chance. We will be choosing one winner from ALL entries. That winner will get to pick out and design a plastic set with us! 

So without further ado, submit your idea for a chance to win!  


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Wolfram Adam - April 9, 2021

Sience Fiction German Infanterie looks like 1914 to 18. With 🪖 for Kavallerie and Artillerie.

Axel - April 9, 2021

Would the uniform of the light horse not differ from those of the infantry? And more important perhaps – would the uniform and equipment of the Gallipoli campaign be the same as that in the trenches in 17/18?
A dedicated cavalry set with charging mounted Light Horse would certainly be of limited use, but would make a great core for a diorama of Beersheba. :-)

Anyway, I would definitely buy me a set of each. Good luck with that proposal :-)

BTW: For gents interested in Australien military history:

Keno - April 9, 2021

Really happy that you’re doing this, especially during these trying times. I myself made a suggestion of sci-fi spetznas for Deathfields, like vladof from Borderlands. I generally dislike the stereotype of Russians always being depicted as conscripts spam and nothing else.

patrick - April 9, 2021

I suggested “Gang Busters”, which is a 1920s – 1930s Prohibition Mafia gang. One crime boss smoking a cigar, two henchmen in suits with Tommy guns, and a flapper with a pistol. These could also fit into Bolt Action as a resistance militia.

russell mccaughan - April 8, 2021

hi i would like to see a nz wars set of maori warriors and colonial settlers with a few british incuded these could be used to go up against the kelly gang

Olly - April 6, 2021

Some cool suggestions here! I put forward Cowboys with either six shooters or laser blasters – perfect for the wild frontiers of Earth or Space!

Arby - April 5, 2021

@Axel you’re probably right with how they’ll release it, but I’d still love a dedicated WW1 Australian Gallipoli campaign boxset. It would be incredible too see our periscope rifles being part of it. Plus, I think the Australian Light Horse uniform is awesome and it would look amazing!!!

Gordon Nichols - April 4, 2021

I voted for Hobgoblin Legionaries, myself, though I like the idea of generic realistic looking female and civilian miniatures, as there’s a real lack of kits depicting these subjects. Hobgoblins are always dressed in ragged clothes and look rather goony or stupid in most ranges, when they were shown to be a disciplined and organized military force in the original D&D books, making them way scarier than Orcs and Goblins when encountered.

Seeing serried ranks of these guys on the table would be cool, and I wouldn’t mind seeing an option to create archers wearing robes under lorica segmentata armour, and of course, a command sprue with banners, musician and options to make a nasty looking officer or two, and perhaps some sort of nasty looking hunting animal as a companion/mascot.

Axel - April 4, 2021

Just suggested my favourite, the generic “European medieval Peasants & Townfolks”.
These could be complemented by Ancient or Renaissance (Tudor) sets, but imho the versality of a medieval set is the best, serving both fantasy and historical settings from Dark Age until fashion grips the simple folks around 1400. Just generic Child, Teenager, Adult(s) and Old, both gender, just standing, moving, action (sitting, working, running). Options for heads (which make up most of different local styles) and some for tools & stuff.

@Arby: These could come earlier as optional heads for a British WW1 set, I do hope.

@David: You already have THESE conquistadores? Count me green for envy :-)

@Nicolas: “plastic woodland indians 28mm” will already yield you a plastic set, though more variety is always welcome.

Y. Whateley - April 3, 2021

I agree with Peter – thank you for doing something different from everyone else!

I have to resist the temptation to submit more than one idea, I kinda want to submit something for alt-history, something for pulp sci-fi, something for fantasy, or more precisely would love to suggest some pulp sword-and-sorcery stuff – there’s lots of high fantasy and over the top GrimDark stuff on the market at this point, but not a lot of Conan-style Atlanteans and Hyperboreans and Stygian cultists and the like….

Love the contest, can’t wait to see what your customers come up with!

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