The Wargames Atlantic Great Big Follow Along Contest

The Wargames Atlantic Great Big Follow Along Contest

Last year we ran a contest to vote for a pair of traditional adversaries. The winners of that contest were the Conquistadors vs Aztecs and we will be releasing both in the coming months.

This year we want to try something more ambitious: a multi-stage contest that will also result in two new 28mm hard plastic sets...but with a twist. And with lots of prizes.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: today we open up submissions (using the form below) to enter your ONE idea for a new 28mm hard plastic set. Those who want to participate will submit just the title of a set like WW1 Argentinians or Post Apocalyptic Bankers or Twin Suns of Mars Two-Headed Camels. Please don't ask for Star Wars Stormtroopers or Game of Thrones Lannisters or Dune Sardaukar or My Little Pony Armored Cavalry as we don't own the rights to make those!

Don't do this.

Step 2: after we've received enough entries we'll put them to the vote. This vote may be done in rounds (if there are a huge number of entries) or divided by category depending on what comes in. Eventually we'll reduce them down to your Top 10. 

Those who submitted the Top 10 ideas will each get their choice of a Wargames Atlantic plastic set. In the case of duplicate entries it will be determined on a first-submitted basis. You are allowed one submission per person and only the first submission will be counted.

So many choices!

Step 3: the Top 10 will be put to a vote with the winner going into production. We'll include the community in every step of the production process from the creation of the sculpting brief, to first work-in-progress renders, to 3D prints, to the sprue layout, the illustration for the box, the painted figures, and finally to the sprue itself (this is the "Follow Along" part). Whoever submitted the winning entry will also win Wargames Atlantic sets for a year: your choice of any 12 existing or upcoming plastic sets!

But wait, there's more...

Would you sell your soul to make a plastic kit?

Step 4: The Grand Prize. Have you ever wanted to design a plastic set? This could be your chance. We will be choosing one winner from ALL entries. That winner will get to pick out and design a plastic set with us! 

So without further ado, submit your idea for a chance to win!  


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Riley Ernst - April 2, 2021

Late 14th century knights. Stuff the great battles of the 100yrs war, they are too spaced out and you can only make a kit focusing on 1 or 2 of the main battles. the perpetual conflicts within and without the Holy Roman empire. Princes, towns, cities and knightly leagues all vying for control, domination or to maintain their independence and protect their interests.
Or perhaps to make wealth from the weakness of others.
Also late 14th century 1360-1400has a beautiful diversity of arms and armour which is quite underappreciated.

David Powell - April 2, 2021

Really looking forward to your Aztecs. Already have the Conquistadors. Great figures.

Nicolas Defréville - April 2, 2021

American woodlands/plains Indians warriors for French and Indians war !

Peter - April 2, 2021

Thanks for saving us from the constant duplication of sets that other manufacturers seem to insist on.

Eduardo M. López - April 2, 2021

A big applause to you for your wonderful work to date! Kudos!

Iain - April 2, 2021

Great idea I have place my Suggestion. How ever can I add a request that when you are planning new packs that they include a realistic female miniature if appropriate to the set.

Keep up the good work.

Robert Nelson - April 2, 2021

Monster maker mixing and matching different animal parts to create monsters, I have already entered it and I am telling you it would be an incredible kit. Wargames Atlantic you guys are fantastic for doing this.

Arby - April 2, 2021

I really want WW1 Australians. Slouch hat and all!!!

david phillips - April 1, 2021

My friends please vote for a fantasy set they currently have far to few of those

Paul - April 1, 2021

What a great way to develop your range… I love your approach. Keep it up.

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