The Great War Historical Range Announced

The Great War Historical Range Announced

We've been very focused on our Classic Fantasy and Death Fields ranges while continuing to work on new historical hard plastic sets. The first of those - Achaemenid Persians - are finished tooling and we will be showing off the plastic soon. An unannounced range is about to get its first test shots this week for release in January. And the Dark Age Irish are in tooling now.

In early 2020 we will be releasing the first of what we hope are many sets to allow you to refight The War to End All Wars in 28mm hard plastic.



The first set will be Late War Germans (1917-1918). We're in the final stages of sculpting and adjusting sizes/poses and arms and heads but they should be off to the tool maker next month. No hard release date yet, but we expect to see them in early 2020.

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