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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


The Harvesters Begin Their Infestation!

The Harvesters Begin Their Infestation!

Congratulations to Josh Stanley - our Name the Bugs Contest Winner with his entry for "Harvesters"! Josh will be getting 10 boxes (300 of the buggers) for his efforts! In the end we narrowed it down to five finalists and the 4 runners up will also be receiving a box of bugs. 

There will be 30 bugs in the box (20 large, 10 small) with loads of options for leg and arm configurations including some ranged bio-weapons. 

Without further ado - you can check them out here and put in your pre-order now! 

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Fabio Vollono - March 28, 2023

Just got mine and they look great.
However I was wondering are their any “Assembly Instructions” for the large bugs ?

Bradley Stephenson - February 18, 2023

If anyone has ever played the video game Body Harvest onn N64, these guys will being back memories.

Spqromans1995 - January 27, 2023

Those are going to look sick. I cannot wait to get my hands on them. They will fill into a tyranid army very nicely and cost wise make a true horde army possible

Ben - November 4, 2022

These look great. Think I might go with four limbed ones for my stargrave and other sci fi needs, with some modified ones to either have 6 limbs with two weapon ones or somehow looking like they can walk on two limbs.

Ronald Dillie - October 29, 2022

I would suggest separating the gun and mounting it on the shoulder as predator did. Maybe that would be more steady than 3 legs as a stability point. Just saying… Plastics are extremely adaptable to conversions…

Nate the Okay - October 19, 2022

I also saw the assembled models on Facebook on the smaller bases. Way way cool. If we can get some big buggers and maybe some heavier weapon support bugs I will be a happy camper.

Bryan - October 19, 2022

Love these! Love the crab look and the two legged poses. Can’t wait to start building them.

Peter - October 18, 2022

I remember arguing for six limbs with another forum member who was happy with four. I still don’t think this four limbed version works and won’t be parting with my coin! Three limbs and a gun just looks odd.

Xander - October 15, 2022

those scythe guys are brilliant, but the design just doesnt work with the ranged weapons. I have been looking for a plastic replacement for nids for a while but these dont cut it as is.

A solution for this would be a conversion kit which mounts the weapon in their head, like an underslung jaw cannon.

Caleb - October 15, 2022

I’m kind of bummed my suggestions weren’t heeded. The claw points look too fine to make a secure connection with a base. No fluted carapaces or horns either.

The gun version looks like it would immediately fall over. I don’t see how it could walk. The small ones are kind of awkward because they’re so close to the ground.

I do agree that a more standard infantry size might have been better instead of 50mm.

Overall the design is nice though.

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