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The Next Four Sets for Barons' War!

The Next Four Sets for Barons' War!

There are thousands of boxes of Foot Knights out there in the world waiting for reinforcements! Never fear, they are on the way! 


Here's a sneak peek at 3 of the next 4 sets that we're working on for the Barons' War! 

First up will be two more infantry sets. These are both in the tooling process now so are not too far off: 

Foot Serjeants follow their knights into battle! This box set will let you build spear, crossbow, halberd, falchion, and sword-armed serjeants. 

The Levy form the bulk of armies during this era. Ranging from trained longbowmen to conscripted peasants with farm implements. This set will build a huge variety of poses and types of troops and can be used well before and beyond the Barons' War period - and even populate your fantasy armies! 


The mounted knights charge onto the field! Dominate the battlefield or prepare for a jousting match with these incredible mounted units. All arms and heads are compatible with the foot knights set to give you even more variety! These are also about to join the tooling queue and will be with us soon! 

Coming on these three sets' heels are Mounted Serjeants and some more surprises! 

Keep an eye on our Age of Chivalry page as these move through tooling and we get closer to the release dates! 

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Pat Payne - July 15, 2024

I just picked up the Foot Knights at my FLGS (I’m looking to try my hand at Lion Rampant) and those beauties have me waiting with bated breath for the rest of the forces, especially the Sergeants!

Krisps - July 7, 2024

I’m liking the look of all three of these sets! Can definitely see myself mixing-and-matching the Serjeants and Levy (mainly the heads and a few stolen shields) to create some ‘trained militia’ soldiers. No clue what I’ll use them for, but I’ve definitely got my eye on them!

Zack - July 6, 2024

These look fantastic will definitely be picking up the mounted knights!

Bobby K - July 5, 2024

Incredible range! Your cav are leagues better than Victrix which have either tiny horses or giant riders!

Mr Nurgle - July 5, 2024

Kid c why would you think that? Are there only 12 knights in a box?

Kid Cthulhu - July 5, 2024

Looks like some great kits on the horizon. I can’t wait to make mounted versions of some of my foot knights.

But are there only going to be six mounted knights per box?

Y. Whateley - July 5, 2024

Looking great, can’t wait until they are available! I’m primarily into the fantasy side of the historical-fantasy gaming spectrum, and though I certainly enjoy the foot knights for that purpose, I really look forward to the sergeants for general-purpose mercenaries, henchmen, bandits, and the like, while I’ve always had a soft spot for peasants and townsfolk for various purposes.

Gary Hughs - July 5, 2024

looking good, when will we get them?

and will there be Saracens in the queue so we can look at the crusades too?

Bam Bodyslam - July 5, 2024

They look absolutely amazing!!
Crossing my fingers for unarmed villagers/townspeople.

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