WW1 Russians (also Russo-Japanese and Civil War) On the Way!

WW1 Russians (also Russo-Japanese and Civil War) On the Way!

Not quite yet, but here are some test paints of the new Russian set done by Jason Frowde of Painting Knights. This is a quite versatile set allowing you to build Russians for WW1, the Russo-Japanese War, and the Russian Civil War. No release date yet these are in file prep now. 

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Don - April 29, 2022

Adding a second box of Russians in greatcoats would be ideal!

Gene Archibald - April 24, 2022

Those look fantastic! I’m being spoiled for my Imagi-Nations project :D !

Alan - April 19, 2022

Lovely figures

Nice to see that the rifles all have bayonets unlike some manufacturers

David Reay - April 19, 2022

To Jeff Sargent: I think the pistol is probably a Mauser Automatic of some sort? Hard to tell which from the picture. Same type as W S Churchill used in the Sudan Campaign?

David Phillips - April 17, 2022

I’ll be honest i misread civil war cause i forgot it’s a type of war instead of the name of a war

FrankR - April 17, 2022

I like that troopers… but I don’t like the blankets oder coats wraped around the body…

Falk - April 17, 2022

Nice, looks like they could even still be used for early Winter War.

Alex Perez - April 17, 2022

Very cool. Keep WW1 coming. Especially some Doughboys

Alex - April 17, 2022

Really looking forward to getting some of these, they look fantastic!

Aleksejs Utkins - April 17, 2022

Red piping on the cuffs and collar for the Reds is wrong. There should be patches – vertical on the cuffs and horizontal on the collar – in the colors of the military branch, just like a star on Budyonovka hat, according to the regulations of 1919, when this uniform (with the Budyonovka) was introduced. Same patches must be on a chest as well, but due to a rolled greatcoat, they aren`t visible.

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