The Votes are In!

The Votes are In!

Thank you one and all for the over 1900 votes in our poll. We've just chosen a winner and emailed them and will announce once they get back to us and accept.

After 1900+ votes our clear winner is the combination of Conquistadors v. Aztecs! In multi-choice voting 647 (34%) of you picked them and in final choice voting almost 16% picked them from the 10 choices.

The other high ranking picks were:
#2 in final choice and #3 in multi-choice: Trojans
#3 in final choice and #2 in multi-choice: 1980s Cold War
#4 in final choice: Maori v British (1860s)

We will begin to move ahead with designs for the Conquistadors to start and will post regular updates here. A very early work in progress is posted below.

For those of you who's choice didn't make the cut have no fears, you will have future opportunities and we hope to do this again soon. Follow along with us on our Facebook page to see work in progress and help us make decisions on parts, poses, and set inclusions.

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