The Weekly Where!

The Weekly Where!

We're currently tracking four boats and five containers to keep an eye on all the upcoming releases. Here's where things are at the moment: 

Eisenkern and Grognard Command:  all shipped from AU/USA and about to start shipping next week from UK! 

French Resistance and British Riflemen: shipping soon from AU, arriving in our warehouse next week in USA, and just unloaded in Southampton in UK (but Southampton is very, VERY slow right now so we don't expect to have them in the warehouse for another 2 weeks by the time they are processed)

Lizardmen and Prussian Reserve: all on boats at the moment with the following ETAs...AU February 25, UK March 10, USA March 12

Also restocks of the Germans are included with the French/British and restocks of the Irish with the Lizardmen/Prussians


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