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A Bevy of Updates!

A Bevy of Updates!

Happy Wargaming Everyone!

Today we have a bumper crop of updates for you on a variety of projects! 

Light Horses and Bronze Age Chariots - our next two releases - have boxes printed and are just waiting for injection to complete to start shipping them off to everyone. Not long now! 

Tooling has completed on the Classic Fantasy Werewolves and Death Fields SneakFeet! These two sets will be built from half frames (similar to Einherjar, Afghans, Halflings, and several of our other sets) with loads of parts to give you a real variety of options. They should be up for pre-order in the near future and releasing in June! Here is a photo of the frames: 


The Barons' War project continues at a rapid pace with the next two sets (Foot Serjeants and Levy) almost in layout. We are just finalizing the last sculpts for the Mounted Knights and Mounted Serjeants boxes as well and as soon as we go through some final checks next week those will be off to file prep also. And Andy Hobday and I have been discussing the possibility of two additional hard plastic sets for the Barons' War range. But more on that later!


As mentioned last week the Conquistador Cavalry are getting broken up into two unique sets - one with more traditional Conquistadors and the other with heavy armor suitable for the European battlefields of the time. Those parts are in layout but after seeing the result we've decided to divide the sets into 3 separate frames to get the most bang for the plastic buck. Those revisions will be done in the next week and we'll show you the results. 

We are also in the final prep stages to send the two frames of City Guards and Town Folk off to file prep and layout. These will be coming toward the end of the year as part of Grey For Now Games excellent new Guards of Traitor's Toll game! Have a look at what they're planning here!

We've heard from Reptilian Overlords that they have two new sets getting ready for us to turn into lovely hard plastic. Early days but we're definitely excited! 

And the next plastic set for the Quar is in file prep!

The Damned sets keep moving right along and we'll have some more test shots to show off shortly.

And lastly we can announce that we are hard at work on a special frame of parts that will be added to The Last War boxed game we will be bringing out with Forbidden Psalm. Take a look at this Weird War One game here

Oh and the two secret sets are wrapping up tooling right now too! Much, much more on those later! 

Happy Wargaming!

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Matt - June 3, 2024

Would also love to see a medieval euro civilian modular plastic kit. i need a bunch of townsfolk for my RPG games, and rabble for Mordheim conversions, so very much on the lookout there (i thiiink i saw something promising in the Sneak Peek from a month ago?)

Great stuff, team!

TAPM113 - June 3, 2024

Excellent news!

The 2 new sets in collaboration with Reptilian Overlords are excellent news – can´t wait to see them in hard plastic! They have a knack for detail work in weapons and equipment, besides very charismatic heads with rich facial expressions.

The Sneakfeet are also excellent news. I believe they will sell well – they have certain “special operator/Ghurka” aesthetic that will be quite popular, I believe.

Congratulations on all the good work, and cheers for all the good things to come :-)

James MacLennan - June 3, 2024

I Second the need for Civilians which would be useful in so many ways for various Medieval/Fantasy Games.

Steve - June 1, 2024

Looking forward to seeing the full preview of those foot sergeants!

Christian T. - June 1, 2024

Additional sets for Baron‘s War would be appreciated. Personally I would like to see a set of civilians (rich men, rich women, poor men, poor women, monks, nuns, etc, with different head options and working tools etc.).That would be great for scenario driven games. Also I would like to see a set of armed peasants (assuming that the contents of levy would be „semi professsionals“). But to be honest I would most likely buy any other set also (castle attackers and defenders?)

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