The Weekly Where: February 26th Edition

The Weekly Where: February 26th Edition

Good news for the UK and EU: Southampton Customs has FINALLY released the French Resistance, British Riflemen, and WW1 German restocks and they will be scheduled for delivery to the warehouse sometime next week. For the record, they arrived at Southampton in early February so it's been almost 4 weeks lying about. 

Great you say, what about Lizardmen and Prussians? Also good news: they are on track for their March release! (And already out in Australia/Asia)

If you squint you can see Lizardmen bobbing off England's south coast preparing to invade.

Lizardmen/Prussian Reserve Status Worldwide

Australia/Asia: Out Now!

USA: Arrived at New York port and preparing for shipment to Georgia. Most likely we will have them in about 10-14 days

UK: Moored off Southampton for two days waiting to dock tomorrow. Don't hold your breath though because as you saw with the French/British Southampton is the choke point. We'll keep you updated but they will definitely (knock on wood) be out for their March release.

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Paul Davies - February 26, 2021

Isn’t it bizarre… I thought that following the shambles of Brexit, the hold-up would be getting goods INTO the EU, not into the UK…. :-(

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