The Weekly Where - Shipping and Release Updates

The Weekly Where - Shipping and Release Updates

Here's where things are for the new releases: 

Partisans (1) French Resistance and British Riflemen - out everywhere except UK/EU. Currently unpacked at Southampton from the container and waiting for a timeline for delivery into the Sarissa warehouse. It's averaging about 7-10 days from this point because the port is so slow. Hopefully we have them in hand next week.

Lizardmen and Prussian Reserve - our first Army Builder set are out now and shipping to pre-order customers in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia! 

These sets are on the water for the US and UK and scheduled at the ports by the end of the month. So we are on track for our March release. 

The factory is back from holiday next week as well so we have a bunch of new sets on the way once they are back up to full steam.


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henrik - February 23, 2021

might have missed it somewhere, but where do you ship from to us EU customers?


Scott Beil - February 19, 2021

Love the look of the Goths, the only problem I see is the belt is wrong. Look like they’ll be lots of fun.

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