The Winners!

The Winners!

We have a winner! After thousands of entries and votes and narrowing it down to the Top 12 we have our winner: 


This entry was submitted by Michael Stockdale who wins 12 sets of Wargames Atlantic miniatures. Congratulations Michael! 

The other Top 11 finalists will receive a box of their choice. In some cases, multiple people submitted the same or similar ideas so we took the person who entered it first. The 11 Runners Up are: 

 Death Fields Space Pirates
Sandy Wake
Multi-Species Alien Set
Matthew Spey
Apocalyptic Survivors
Kyle Bentley
Sci-fi Civilians
Derek Strachan
Modular Robots
Derek Hodge
Insurgent and Irregular Moderns
Christine Child
Cyberpunk Corporate Security
Alexander M Rawlings
WWI Italian Troops (Infantry, Arditi, Bersaglieri, Alpini)
Fabrizio Ferrara
Hooded/Robed Monks/Cultists
Nathan Flanders
Modern Military Generic Infantry
Joe Cox
Medieval European Peasants/Townspeople
Axel Schudak


Congratulations to all the winners! We will be emailing you to find out what you'd like for a prize. 

But...that's not begins the "Follow Along" part of the contest. We're going to speak with Michael about his entry and what he envisioned and discuss some ideas before we present this to the community. We'll be accepting your feedback and begin to show some designs as we move the Ogres into development.

But wait, there's even more: there is one last GIANT prize to award! One participant in the contest - either someone who submitted an idea or who voted and left their email - is going to be chosen to pick a second plastic set for us to develop.  First we have to get the Ogres into production but once they are off to tooling we will turn our attention to picking that last, big winner. 

So sit back and we will start the process with the Ogres and include you all in each step. Thanks to all of you who submitted ideas and voted! 

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Chris - May 11, 2021

To M Fitzgerald,
Ogre voter here, I’m a network engineer. You asked.
Seriously though, I voted for ogres in fabulous codpieces and blouses because shockingly no one is making that in plastic multi-part sets, I will certainly be buying a set because I want to support what Atlantic Wargames have done here and I like to paint unusual models.
The only thing I find genuinely amazing about this contest is the salty comments regarding the results, presumably because your set didn’t gain any traction. While Landsknecht Ogres weren’t my first choice out of all the suggestions either, I understand how popular opinion works and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to vote on future ranges.

Don W - May 11, 2021

I’m not a fantasy gamer, so the final pick is not of interest. I had really hoped for the Dark Ages Welsh or Scots. On the other hand, I am encouraged by all of the recent developments with Ancients and Dark Ages releases that are coming soon.

Paul Watson - May 11, 2021

Awesome job all! Can’t wait to see the finished mini’s

M Fitzgerald - May 11, 2021

A fun idea for a contest; that the idea that it yielded is perhaps the kit with the fewest uses of anything that was suggested is genuinely amazing. Who are you, ogre voters? What do you do? Was it just the dude who came up with it, voting over and over and over again? Hundreds of suggestions, and the winner was ‘ogres in fabulous codpieces and blouses’. Wild.

S Gowing - May 11, 2021

Honestly, thought that one had no chance until I saw it in the final heat. Not my first pick by a long shot (three kingdoms chinese had me wishing I’d thought of it), but definitely a kit with some interesting potential

david phillips - May 11, 2021

I was expecting death fields pirates to win but that´s not big deal. still remains disappointing my suggestion could´nt make I wanted those free minitures

Neil - May 11, 2021

Excellent! I was hoping these would win. Out of the myriad options, these caught my eye early on. Lots of things you could do with a kit like this – lots of options in the box; lots of games (past, present AND future!) they can be used for.

Ideally, for me, there’d be enough weapon options that you could feasibly buy multiple boxes to build a full army with different units. BUT, I’d prefer the equipment to look as *historical as possible. Just off the top of my head:

>Swiss-Guard style halberds
>Sword-breakers as secondary weapons
>28mm scaled field-artillery for handguns
>Pirate bitz?!

Congratulations again on a great competition!

Jimbo - May 11, 2021

Those Ogres will work nicely with the Halflings

Neil - May 11, 2021

So there’s still a chance for dark age welsh 😀

Daniel T. Lillis - May 11, 2021

Thank you Folks, for letting Us the consumer, participate in this contest, it was fun to see what people are looking for in there collections. I know its tuff on You’ll to do something like this, so maybe try it once a year thing, on say the anniversary of the start of the company, to see what we folks are looking for to help you’ll. Thank you again, please have a great day, and stay safe and healthy.

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