The Winners!

The Winners!

We have a winner! After thousands of entries and votes and narrowing it down to the Top 12 we have our winner: 


This entry was submitted by Michael Stockdale who wins 12 sets of Wargames Atlantic miniatures. Congratulations Michael! 

The other Top 11 finalists will receive a box of their choice. In some cases, multiple people submitted the same or similar ideas so we took the person who entered it first. The 11 Runners Up are: 

 Death Fields Space Pirates
Sandy Wake
Multi-Species Alien Set
Matthew Spey
Apocalyptic Survivors
Kyle Bentley
Sci-fi Civilians
Derek Strachan
Modular Robots
Derek Hodge
Insurgent and Irregular Moderns
Christine Child
Cyberpunk Corporate Security
Alexander M Rawlings
WWI Italian Troops (Infantry, Arditi, Bersaglieri, Alpini)
Fabrizio Ferrara
Hooded/Robed Monks/Cultists
Nathan Flanders
Modern Military Generic Infantry
Joe Cox
Medieval European Peasants/Townspeople
Axel Schudak


Congratulations to all the winners! We will be emailing you to find out what you'd like for a prize. 

But...that's not begins the "Follow Along" part of the contest. We're going to speak with Michael about his entry and what he envisioned and discuss some ideas before we present this to the community. We'll be accepting your feedback and begin to show some designs as we move the Ogres into development.

But wait, there's even more: there is one last GIANT prize to award! One participant in the contest - either someone who submitted an idea or who voted and left their email - is going to be chosen to pick a second plastic set for us to develop.  First we have to get the Ogres into production but once they are off to tooling we will turn our attention to picking that last, big winner. 

So sit back and we will start the process with the Ogres and include you all in each step. Thanks to all of you who submitted ideas and voted! 

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Montezuma - May 11, 2021

Congrats to the winners! We historical types might feel a bit disappointed, but I’m looking at my plastic landsknechts and thinking, “why not?” These could be fun for games like oathmark or kings of war (not a fan of mantic’s leg-day-skipping ogres). I hope the set includes a mix of 1h & 2h weapons, shields, and “borrowed” culverins stolen from their carriages.

Axel - May 11, 2021

Would have been my second choice of the lot, but I am pretty happy with it :-)

Jeff Sargent - May 11, 2021

Hopefully Werewolves

Kyle Bentley - May 11, 2021

This has been a really cool initiative, and I’ve enjoyed watching it run. I’m surprised that the ogres won, and I’m also surprised I was the first one to submit apocalyptic survivors as an idea. Thanks to everyone for getting them into the top twelve!

Steve Manganiello - May 11, 2021

Can you PLEASE extend some of the ranges that you have? Persian cavalry. Austro-Hungarian, Italian, and Serb WWI. Love your figures but the scattershot approach is driving me mad. (Which is a daily commute for me.)

Alex Marston Rawlings - May 11, 2021

congrats Michael! this was a very exciting contest all around.

Nathan James - May 11, 2021

What a great contest, but thebwinner is the worst. Honestly, will all you people that boted for a whole box of plastic ogres biy and use a whole box?! What a fantastic disappointment. How this won out over anything else is mind boggling.

Warren - May 11, 2021

Well done amazing event

Stéphane Langlois - May 11, 2021

First, great initiative that was followed by a lot of people and thank you to give us an opportunity to weight in the decision balance that was really interesting.
Sadly, I couldn’t get more unmoved by the winner, but I guess I got carried over by all the potential of the many models that have never been done before that I forgot that some could get excited to go for stuff that already exists in other ranges/material/game so congrats to the ones that will be able to field those Ogres, let’s hope the futures news will be more in line with my liking ;)

Ian Martin - May 11, 2021

Ah, great. More not-Warhammer. Would have been nice for some of the areas that haven’t already been tackled in plastic to get some love.

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