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Tooling Complete for Two New Sets

Tooling Complete for Two New Sets

The tool room has finished the molds for two new sets (or at least 1 1/2!) The Conquistadors main frame and second frame and the main frame of the Afghan cavalry riders are now finished and ready for production. The horse frame is in tooling still. Aztecs and Boxers are next up after these. Photos straight from the shop floor so a little dark but you can get a sense of what is on there.

You will get four of each of the Conquistador frames in the box and six of the Afghan riders. The horses are three to the sprue and each side can work with the opposite 3 sides giving you 9 unique poses. 4 horse heads added to this mix make for 36 unique poses and the tails are separate as well so you can create a lot of variety!

Release dates for both sets to be announced. Both of these will be produced in our US plastic facility.

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MB - November 15, 2021

I am so excited for these! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Axel - November 14, 2021

Have to add that the Afghan cavalry looks like they could be used as a base to create some Akinci or other Ottoman light cavalry (with small modifications) to fight the Spaniards and Imperials in the 1529-32 campaign. In 1532 both Charles and Suleyman had amassed more then a 100.000 men each to fight over Vienna again. One of the largest decisive battles in history that was not fought… your minis will be there when it is.

David Phillips - November 13, 2021

i spy with my little eye crossbows to shoot so that my enemies die. I love crossbows

Axel - November 13, 2021

26 heads per 6 bodies – my main concern with Warlord Games first Landsknechts set was that there was just one historically usable head per sprue – a problem that WA avoids by wielding a sledgehammer :-)
I will replace the pikes with 7-8cm broom bristles, but plastics, a knife and a drill gives you the option.
These will find their way into my Imperial armies eg for Pavia and the defense of Vienna 1529.

One question that raises its head, however, is wether mounted Afghans and 16th century pikearms have the same sales, coming from the same sprue casting. I hope the gamble pays off.

Pierre Lerdou-Udoy - November 12, 2021

Many of the great sailors (Juan Sebastian Elcano, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi), conquistadores (Lope de Aguirre, Juan de Garay) and missionaries (Ignatius of Loyola, Juan de Zumarraga) were sons of the Basque Country… just like me. I have “cousins” in Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil and Nevada (USA).

I will probably take one or more boxes of conquistadores and Aztecs when they will be available “herrian” (at home, in France or Spain).

A big lack, however : we have five arquebuses/matchlocks per sprue… and no powder (in a flask) or bullets (in a bag). Pity!

Jon - November 12, 2021

These conquistadors cannot join my Border Princes cheaphammer army soon enough!

Bill Redford - November 12, 2021

I wonder how many sprue B’s will be in the box. They had oriniginally said there would be 30 gusy to the box which would mean 5 of Sprue A.

Sprue A has:
2 x armored bodies (10 per box)
4 x padded bodies (20 per box)
4 x sword arms (20 per box)
3 x crossbows (15 per box)
2 x round shields (10 per box)
2 x heart shield (10 per box)
4 x arquebus (20 per box)
1 x banner (5 per box)
1 x drum (5 per box)
3 x halberd (15 per box)
4 x shield arm (20 per box)

Sprue B has:
6 x pike
2 x great sword
4 x buckler

But not sure how many Sprue B’s will be in the box… or whether its still 30 guys (5 x sprue A), or now only 24 (4 x Sprue A)

Glorious Grunt - November 12, 2021

Wow the conquistadors are looking cleeeean, Especially liking their greatswords :)

Just a dude - November 12, 2021

Nice, those Conquistadors look like the perfect addition to my army

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