Turn Your Germans Into...Chinese?

Turn Your Germans Into...Chinese?

Teemu at 25 Years of Minis and Counting Blog has done something a little unique with our WW1 Germans - turned them into Chinese!

You can read his post by clicking the image below:

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Jason Hubbard - August 12, 2020

I was planning on doing this before I saw this article. I’ve been trying to build an early WW2 Chinese Nationalist army for awhile and these will be perfect to convert.

Teemu Kujala - August 6, 2020

Same here. That box and this box will be a perfect combination.

E - August 5, 2020

Waiting for your Boxer rebellion set to do exactly this. The blades from that set would work nicely with the ww1 germans to make Chinese soldiers. The boxer bodies can be relatively unchanged using the farmer hats and turbans and the german weapons to make peasant guerillas.

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