Two New Sets - Merovingian Franks and Conquistador Cavalry

Two New Sets - Merovingian Franks and Conquistador Cavalry

Today we wanted to show you the first renders of some of the parts that would go into two new sets!

Merovingian Franks will join the Late Roman Legionaries (1): Lorica Hamata, Goths, and the two Army Builder sets for both of these in our Decline & Fall range. 

And also the Conquistador Cavalry which will complement our Conquistadors set. These will include options for part-armored, unarmored, and full-armored riders. You can of course have all unarmored horses as well  

We welcome your advice on both of these sets below! Not every part may make the final set and some parts may be added or changed before this is finalized for tooling.

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Hugo Barry - July 8, 2021

Good work lads keep it up!

Patrick Stoddart - July 8, 2021

Phil Gardner said “Goodness Gracious Me you fellows can’t read.”

perhaps a little too forthrightly expressed, but he has a point. I am liking the Franks!

Y. Whateley - July 8, 2021

Both of these look like fantastic and very versatile sets – I love that you’re providing the parts in these kits for both the more “realistic” options for their respective official time periods, as well as “unrealistic” options that would lend these very well to use in other historical periods, alt-history, and fantasy games.

Those Franks would make fantastic Fantasy barbarians, raiders, or whatever, and in a different world, without a glut of dedicated models already on the market, they would have made excellent Orcs or Hob-Goblins, too – just choose the heads with the fierce-looking hair and beards, give their skin a green, blue, sallow yellow or orange, or albino white tone, paint the armor in dark colours, and decorate their shields and banners with evil eyes, clawed hands, skulls, dark towers, or other appropriately morbid motifs, and bang! Instant hobgoblin/Uruk-Hai horde…. I would actually prefer using these to the standard fantasy orc and goblin fare, actually!

Also, I see what you did with the horse armor – that’s a very clever work-around for being able to choose lightly-armored horses, to heavily-armored “fantasy” horses! (For those who didn’t notice, not all the parts are included in the render for the cavalry: the horses’ bodies aren’t there, and the more lightly-armored heads aren’t there, but saddles with optional add-on armor ARE shown in the upper-left corner of the collection of cavalry renders – as the description says, “And also the Conquistador Cavalry… will include options for part-armored, unarmored, and full-armored riders. You can of course have all unarmored horses as well….”)

The war-dogs are great, too – I’m not into cavalry, but I might be willing to buy a box of these for the war-dogs, with the cavalry to keep around in the event I ever do find a use for them. I liked the hounds from the Dark Ages Irish, too – Would I be the only one who might be willing to buy a boxed set of assorted war-dogs, wargs, wolves, fighting falcons, and the like? These make fantastic fantasy “monsters”, and might even interest some historical wargamers, too!

For my part, I would actually “kit-bash” those war-dogs – painted Hound of the Baskervilles black with glowing yellow eyes – to serve with the Frankish “hobgoblin” horde of the Goblin King’s army as hellhounds! Quick – we must muster the Halfling Militia!!!

As historical models, both sets look fantastic to me, with plenty of options (especially in the Franks set!) to adapt them to different eras and settings.

Phil Gardner - July 7, 2021

Jesus fucking Christ you morons can’t read.

John Sullivan - July 7, 2021

The horses should not have any armor.

David Phillips - July 7, 2021

should help my dnd collection considerably though it may take me a bit to get around to it i need to buy some monsters first. probably yalls skeletons and spiders and depending on when it’s released maybe the goblins too

David Sinclair - July 7, 2021

The rider seems over armoured

Cain Wolf - July 7, 2021

Both sets look great. The arm poses and choices of weapons add a lot of variety. The horse armor is great. The head selections top notch…. And there’s a dog. I’ll take 3.

Isaias Enriquez - July 7, 2021

A few visored salets would work too.

Franco Antonelli - July 7, 2021

Horse is way to armoured. Also the rider looks a bit “fantasy" to me. Couched lance is an odd position for attacking “light” infantry, by a expert swords man… 🤷🏻‍♂️


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