Two New Sets - Merovingian Franks and Conquistador Cavalry

Two New Sets - Merovingian Franks and Conquistador Cavalry

Today we wanted to show you the first renders of some of the parts that would go into two new sets!

Merovingian Franks will join the Late Roman Legionaries (1): Lorica Hamata, Goths, and the two Army Builder sets for both of these in our Decline & Fall range. 

And also the Conquistador Cavalry which will complement our Conquistadors set. These will include options for part-armored, unarmored, and full-armored riders. You can of course have all unarmored horses as well  

We welcome your advice on both of these sets below! Not every part may make the final set and some parts may be added or changed before this is finalized for tooling.

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JTam - July 9, 2021

Horse looks pretty small compared to rider.

Yes, understand they weren’t historically big horses, but they weren’t ponies either. The rider’s head is almost as big as the horses head.

JTam - July 9, 2021

These look great!

Pistols for the cavalry would be awesome.

Kevin Scrivner - July 9, 2021

Speaking of Jesus Christ, it would be historically accurate to include some devout Spanish missionaries in your Conquistador line. Catholic friars such as Junipero Serra were as tough and dedicated as any soldier and were essential to the colonization effort.

Geoff Maybury - July 9, 2021

The figure sets both give so much in possibilities to build, It`s a clever use of moulds to allow light and heavy horse in one set, the armour can be used as set materials, fixed to a wall, or in the back of a wagon, in a smithy, a market. Brilliant nothing ever waisted, and the dog , well my set was a brought deal as soon as my wife saw it. Thank you. Eileen and Geoff.

Chris Sinclair - July 9, 2021

But they do not look very much like Ottomans!

Rick, the Grumpy Gnome - July 8, 2021

Brilliant work on both sets. I am loving the wide variety of options. Thanks for adding wardogs! Both sets are going to also make great kitbashing fodder for so many projects. Thank you!

Julian Josefus - July 8, 2021

Why can’t so many people not read? Please read the text beneath the pictures before complaining about “to much armour”!
I personally really like the option for heavy armoured horses and riders. This makes the kit really versatile

sergio - July 8, 2021


Jordan - July 8, 2021

I like the dog with the conquistadors set. WA really ought to do a full set of wolves/hounds, seems like there aren’t many options in plastic. Could include a few conversion parts to make them undead/demonic or bionic.

Steve Jones - July 8, 2021

we need pistol firing arms and arquebus toting arms – armoured and unarmoured – pretty please
It would make them super adaptable to other armies and periods Thanks S

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