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Unboxing Prussians at On Table Top

Unboxing Prussians at On Table Top

Gerry is back with another excellent unboxing. This time our Prussians Army Builder: 


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Priest - March 10, 2023

Enjoyed assembling and painting these troops , can you tell me why your paint job is for grey and not Prussian blue .
Wish you had a command set for them

Jonathan Forsey - June 3, 2021

Really enjoyed painting these up fir a reserve regiment with the addition of some Perry plastic command. Would love to see napoleonics to build on this idea including Prussian Landwehr and Russian infantry in greatcoats which would be easy to paint and look good en masse. Great idea and good value.

Shaun Gooch - June 2, 2021

Whilst I understand the reasoning here.

I’ve always thought. What’s the point!

You may as well churn out blank chess pawns.

For that very reason, it has always put me off Napoleonic gaming.

Too much emphasis upon “They marched in line” and not enough reality. The successful troops were in skirmishing order the moment bullets started flying. A thing called Survival instinct kicks in no matter what ‘Your high command states’.

The problem with real event accounts and the ‘Supposed to…’ ones are generally told the from too vastly different perspective.

The rank and file tending to differ greatly from the Generals and Commanders. The Generals trying to slant the narrative to having the best and most disciplined troops obeying every order to the letter. The bragging rights!!! But that was not realty.

So when I see or hear the words “They walked in line” I apply the very large caveat.


Battles would have been over in minutes, if everyone walked robotically at thousand man volleys or grape shot cannon fire. Troops following up, would not have been to negotiate the heaps of dead in order to engage in close combat due to the number of heaped up corpses.

These facts tend to be overlooked all too often by those whom buy into the false narrative of They walked in line.

Sorry guys but these sort of kits remind me too much of the crap spoken about the Napoleonic War.

But keep up the great work and produce Crimean War British Grenadier Guards. Please.

Y. Whateley - June 2, 2021

Not my genre at all, but they look fantastic, and would be the perfect way to field a big army with little cost in terms of price-per-mini, and in time spent in assembling and painting the minis. I for one like the simplicity and uniformity: it’s a great way to fill the table with mobs of similar figures.

I kinda wish fantasy role-playing game miniatures had gone this direction early on, especially for monsters and other figures where a lot of individuality isn’t really needed: I think this is the best format for things like armies of goblins, skeletons, cultists, elves, bandits, guards, dwarves, and other fairly generic “npc” and wargaming figures. Kind of a nice throwback to the old “HeroQuest” board game and that sort of thing!

In a world filled with more detailed (and expensive) options that many fantasy gamers are already invested in, I’m not sure how well this sort of thing might go over in the fantasy genre, but it might have been quite successful in an alternate timeline, at least….

Tom Dye - June 2, 2021

Wish someone would do SYW in 28mm plastic. oh, and please DO include command……

Ian Reiter - June 2, 2021

Is there any chance that you’ll be expanding the Army Builder range to include your fantasy or Death Fields ranges, or will you just be sticking with historical rank and file?

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