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Up Close: The Damned Brutes

Up Close: The Damned Brutes

Today we turn our attention to the Brutes! 

The Brutes are the line breakers, the Forlorn Hopers, the hammers of The Damned. Their slogan - “Sumus Apocalypsi!” is a variation of The Damned’s battle cry “Ready for the Apocalypse!” It translates as “We are the Apocalypse!” The Brutes followed in the footsteps of The Vain, a group of abducted Landsknecht who allowed themselves to be genetically modified to be bigger and stronger - without realizing the cost for this was to also become grotesque. For The Damned vanity in the face of coming Apocalypse is absurd. Like they embrace their scars and mutations, those who choose to become Brutes revel in all aspects of their larger, stronger, and more hideous bodies.

Above are all the single, unique parts ready for the Brutes frame. These are work-in-progress and do not represent the final frame inclusions yet. 

The great gang at Cult of Paint have started work on them too! 

And here he is with some of his smaller brethren: 

We will be showing lots more of these guys as we get closer to the launch on May 26th! 

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Red Bee - May 16, 2023

I am loving the weapon options for the Damned! Some really crazy looking stuff.

Cuddlefish - May 16, 2023

Yey for ogres! Yey for Shields!

How about a melee weapon choice that is a bit more “techy”, like a shocking baton?
Perhaps it could even be in the form of a greeble that goes on another “club”?

Y. Whateley - May 16, 2023

Great work – this is my favorite Death Fields faction now! I actually like the over-the-top heavy metal spikes, and would like to see more helmets and shoulder-armor with them. (The spikes can, of course, easily be shaved off as desired for those who don’t like them, don’t want as many, or would like more variety: one of the easiest of modifications to make!)

For that matter, even some spikes/studs in the gas mask hoods would look the part, IMHO… I almost get the impression that those masks aren’t even functional anymore, that they’re more of a tribal relic of a bygone era that is worn for intimidation and morale, and to hide hideous disfigurements, more than any practical reason.

I, too, wouldn’t mind seeing a few more mutations – more of a “Hills Have Eyes”, “Mad Max”, or “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” sort of thing than the goopy tentacles you might see in “chaos” miniatures, with perhaps a dash of the living-dead “The Omega Man”, “The Last Man on Earth (1964)”, “Doom”, and “Quake” blended in? I’m digging the creepy scars, in any case!

I kinda think of these guys as sci-fi goblins or orcs, really, with just a dash of sci-fi ghouls. The uniforms could afford in a few cases to be deteriorated into shredded rags, too, with ragged capes cloaks, and hoods, for example. (Maybe what I’m picturing might better work as separate box of ghoul skirmishers for this faction, which double as post-apocalyptic and “modern” zombies, with a mix of empty hands, improvised melee weapons, and perhaps a few crude guns?)

James - May 15, 2023

These are great! You said they were one of two factions and I was wondering if you will release them?

Marian - May 15, 2023

You guy at WA are so amazing. You are doing that stuff, that GW is missing doing for ages.
Finally we will get so plastic modells to build a chaos trator army.

For this box it would be nice to have some mutations, maybe as WA Digital or as a seperate plastic kit, like you got it for the canonfoder

Stephen - May 13, 2023

Absolutely fantastic looking group… Please put some serious consideration into more shields, enough for everyone in the box…

Dark Don - May 13, 2023

These guys are looking good!
Better start cranking them out now!

Dreyf - May 13, 2023

Yes, other types of shields would nice.

I don’t really like helmets with multiple spikes (both on the brutes and the other damned). Maybe replace one with a bare bald head and/or with a cyber prosthesis one?

N4D4 - May 13, 2023

I am beyond excited for these, I need these as soon as possible.

Chris - May 12, 2023

Looking really nice! I’m hoping you guys add another shield variation into their arsenal, a grenade throwing arm would be wonderful too.

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