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Up Close: The Damned Heavy Support Teams

Up Close: The Damned Heavy Support Teams

Next up in our preview series are The Damned Heavy Support Teams!  


Even though their owner would provide any weapons system they requested, The Damned steadfastly refuse. They will only use weaponry taken from defeated opponents and will go to great lengths to keep it operational. This almost religious infatuation with captured equipment remains a mystery even to their owner. Their battle cry is “We Bring the Fire”.

This box set includes enough parts to build 6 hard plastic heavy support teams (although there are 15 heavy weapons and 9 weapon mounts per box). Weapon choices include: mortar, plasma cannon, missile launcher, auto cannon, and heavy laser. The crew parts are also completely compatible with the other The Damned sets for even more customization.

Here are all the work-in-progress parts. This image only represents what has been sculpted to date. The final frame layout will determine what fits and any duplicate parts as well. 

The Damned reveals continue in coming days! 


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Dennis Horne - May 22, 2023

All weapons have an ammo type – nice.
As with the Grognard Command set, the base seems unable to cope with the recoil generated by that ~140mm + mortar. Do one of the 3 bases with separate legs so that the baseplate can be mounted directly on the ground (see soviet towed D30 howitzer)?
Add a coincidence or stereoscopic range finder to allow one of these chaps to act as an artillery observer along with a standalone radio set,?

Mr. Bear - May 16, 2023

Nice! Love these heavy weapons boxes and have been itching for another set since even before the Heavy Grogs arrived in the mail.

I’m a bit sceptical of the missile launcher, at least from the angle shown. Others have mentioned a “ship cannon” and I kind of agree, but it is hard to be sure without more pics.

I also agree with sentiment that the plates could be a bit more snug. Of course, compared to the Hvy Grogs, these shields are already providing more coverage. I think it would be neat if you could explain whether there is some design consideration that makes it a bad idea to make it even more snug.

Are we to understand that this box will be Heavy Weapons only, rather than a combo with command squad?

W2K - May 16, 2023

Now these will be absolutely perfect as space bandits for my homebrew dystopian sci-fi wargames! I really dig those WW1-looking gasmasks!

Drangir - May 16, 2023

They announced 8 sets: Infantry, Command, Brutes, Outriders, Heavy Support Teams, Hounds, Artillery, Tank

Zack - May 16, 2023

I need some of these

Marian - May 16, 2023

Nice, nice.
I’m expect the horsemans and the commandgroup to come next.
But WA talked about 6 Sets. So, what could be the 6th one?
A Tank? A Monster/Demon?

Paul Mitting - May 16, 2023

Brilliant! I can see these being easily adapted to provide heavy weapons for other factions too.

Chris - May 16, 2023

They look great, the only thing I’m not so big on is the missile launcher’s design. It very much looks like a ship’s cannon.

Drangir - May 16, 2023

I really dig this set – additional poses for the crew will be of great use for infantry for sure! I think it’s better and more streamlined than Les Grognards heavy support (all pieces are similar to each other). I think it may benefit greatly from having a set for command and support. Maybe it’s a way for other factions too?

I’m not sure about the big gap in the shield – it works greatly for multi-purpose use of the part and it seems it won’t be hard to set up a filling plate from the set, but small piece just for that could be nice. There are already optic-thingies on the top, so there’s no even needed more parts in that regard.
Hopefully Einharjar set will be that great too!

Dreyf - May 16, 2023

All is fine.
The missile launcher looks a little like an howitzer, but it’s ok.

Nevertheless, I have a question: which one is the laser?
I think that the heavy laser is top left and the auto cannon is bottom right on the picture.
But if it is the case, then the heavy laser seems to use bullets/shells and not energy cells, like the plasma canon. Is it normal?
And if it’s the opposite and the heavy laser is bottom right, then maybe its aspect is strange and it use “classical kinetic” magazine (and not a “futuristic energy” one). Its looks like a bigger version of the same magazine as the damned infantry assault gun, not something like the laser gun magasine of the cannon fodder.

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