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Upcoming Releases and Schedules

Upcoming Releases and Schedules

Although we keep our Release Schedule page up to date a lot of folks miss it so we thought we'd give you some quick updates on releases. 

Our US plastic operation is rocking and rolling and all the kinks (seem) to have been worked out. The injection machine is operating through three shifts so we have plenty of capacity now and we're going to be bringing in a second machine in the near future as both backup and for extra capacity. New sources for things like product cartons (our sets come 20 to a carton for distribution), the little 2" round clear stickers that seal the boxes, and the general "stuff" like that have all been sourced and figured out.

Our new box printer has been great and the quality is wonderful. So far they've printed Italians, Panzer Lehr, Conquistadors, Aztecs and we will have a delivery soon for restocks of Les Grognards, Partisans, British Riflemen, and Cannon Fodder. The next four boxes are getting ready for early March. 

We've also sorted out the change in international (and now domestic) freight so that we can get products from our facility in Florida up to our fulfillment partner Bridge in Marietta Georgia and over to Sarissa in the UK and Aetherworks in Australia. 

The first shipments are now being picked up for delivery next week and the week after (we are doing air shipments to the UK and Australia to catch up a bit) Nothing is guaranteed in this crazy freight world of 2022 but here is where we believe things are: 

Italians, Panzer Lehr, and Death Fields sprue to US and UK next week or early the week after. 

Conquistadors and Aztecs to US in about 10 days and to the UK shortly after. Australia will get all five of those sets around the same time as the UK.

After this we will be focused on getting all the restocks topped up in the three warehouses and also releasing new sets: Goths, Boxers, Horses, and our new bases. 

These will be followed by Bulldogs (The Space Brits), Cannon Fodder 2, 3 new sets for one of the existing ranges (shh!), Trolls, WW1 British...and then more. 

As always we'll keep the Release Schedule page up to date as things move along. Our hope is that now things are humming along we'll be able to get releases out both faster and in greater number. 


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Dei Poli Riccardo - October 25, 2022

Mi piacerebbe una bella scatola di legionari francesi del periodo coloniale. Ciao grazie

Pete - April 25, 2022

Any news on Persians arriving in Australia please?

Oscar - February 23, 2022

will there be a ww1 eastern/Italian front line because would like some Austro-Hungarian soldiers

marian - February 22, 2022

That is a good point, John Eveson.
I also waiting for an alternative sprue for them with crossbows, hand cannons, towershilds and maybe one or two meleewappon.

John Eveson - February 21, 2022

Any word on the Halfling Cavalry? Tons of stuff has been released since you announced those. :(

Al - February 20, 2022

Awesome! Amazing work lads!

Falk - February 19, 2022

I second the question about the Afghan horsemen – they are in the making for an awfully long time by now, and I am still very much looking forward to getting some.

Also, wasn’t there talk about Indian Sepoys?

Travis Johnson - February 19, 2022

You guys rock. Like the neo chosen one in the matrix of tabletop. Keep it coming. We’ll keep a buyin.

Alex - February 18, 2022

Are the Afghan horsemen still relevant?

Alex - February 18, 2022

The problem is the time it just takes… well, in my experience at rhe recent time.

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