Warring States Chariot

Warring States Chariot

Michael Sng has delivered the files for the second set in the Warring States range: the mighty chariot! In the video below he describes the chariot's use in warfare, the historical finds and archaeological evidence for chariots in this period, and the design choices he's made: 


The infantry set is in engineering now in preparation for tooling and these will be coming close behind. There will be additional sets in this range. 

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Pierre Lerdou-Udoy - November 15, 2021


I guess the ancient Chinese captured some of their horses among the wild hordes of Mongolia and Central Asia (they were called “tarpans” by Russians). They are the stock of all our modern horses.

I suggest you to see three very beautiful plates entitled “Colours of Eurasian wild horses” (by Eurwenkala, on Deviantart).

Many of today’s Mongolian ponies have quite similar “wild coats” (“robes sauvages” in french), so I think the trail is good.


Ian Nichols - November 13, 2021

Bravo! Research driven sculpting – liking the look of this range

John - November 12, 2021

Beautiful. Brave decision on the horses – I think most Ancient ranges have horses that are too big and/or too graceful, so it’s nice to see something based on research

On release, please could you publish a painting guide? Even if the research says that we don’t know for sure… I can’t wait to do the animal head on your chariot. If there’s any research on horse colors from that period in China that would be great too. Otherwise bay…

Roy - November 12, 2021

Looking forward to increasing my warring states armies

Johan Delannoie - November 12, 2021

I am on the lookout for nicely sculpted Chinese figures, 28mm. The offering so far is poor, no one doing proper justice to those ancient armies. But this is looking very promising and I’m in if the infantry looks as good as this chariot.

Y. Whateley - November 10, 2021

I’m probably not likely to be a customer for chariots (not really a historical wargamer), but these chariots look to me like they would make fine fantasy RPG farm or merchants’ wagons, with maybe a little handwaving on the horses’ gear (which might be easy to modify anyway, depending on how this is designed!) A box or two of these would no doubt supply pretty much any fantasy gamer’s merchant caravan, and with that in mind, I bet that a wide variety of historical gamers can make use of this kit outside of the Warring States setting.

As-is, it’s a beautiful sculpture – my compliments to the artist! The detail and research that went into this are quite an achievement.

Lerdou-Udoy Pierre - November 9, 2021

Personally, at this point, I’m not interested in an oriental army but… for a diorama, who knows? High level work.

Happy to finally see horses with high ears. As a “horseman”, I appreciate… Bravo Mr. Sng !

Osman Pineda - November 9, 2021

Infantry, and a chariot? This is good stuff. Now to see if we also get cavalry and lighter troops.

Peter - November 9, 2021

Looks like a great addition to this new range. Hope to see an Egyptian version soon as well.

Bill Redford - November 8, 2021

The Sculptor sounds like he knows his stuff. Sold me.

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