Week in Review for February 26

Week in Review for February 26

A few previews and other interesting things were shown off on Facebook this week. Here's the weekly roundup: 

First up we had some nicely painted Eisenkern submitted by Scott Castellow:


Then we showed off how the Lizardmen scale up (get it?) next to them in case you need a handy alien opponent. Probably be better to give them their auto-rifles though! 


Finally, we started previewing some of Matthew Leahy's painting and photography for the upcoming Goblin Warband: 

There are also some size comparisons with our own Classic Fantasy figures and other companies' models so you can get an idea of how they measure up. 

That's it for this week - check back next Friday to see what else new has come along! 

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Kevin Scrivner - March 5, 2021

I take it W.A.’s entry is second from the left in the size comparison. He looks ready to jump into Lord of the Rings style action with the goons to either side of him. The two shorter figures on the far right make me wish there was a haughty Maleficent miniature nearby.

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