Welcoming Alliance Game Distributors!

Welcoming Alliance Game Distributors!

We are pleased to announce that we have added Alliance Game Distributors as one of our North American distribution partners. Alliance will be stocking all of our ranges and the first shipments are on the way to them this week.

US retailers now have the flexibility to purchase from us directly, from Alliance, or from our other distribution partners including Golden, Bridge, and Stevens.  

Some of our sets are currently out of stock but we are quickly catching up with restocks. We also have a second injection press being installed that will double our capacity going forward. And of course we have many new monthly releases on the way! 

As always, we want to be in your Friendly Local Gaming Store. So please let them know how easy it is to source our sets! 

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Dick - September 6, 2022

My FLGS is constantly told your stuff is out of stock at Alliance. They might as well not even be pretending to carry your stuff, because they sure as hell aren’t making them easy for stores to get.

Red Bee - May 4, 2022

Love to see WA getting further out into the community!

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